Research Centers & Laboratories

We at Pharmanex take pride in our strengths of several state of the art laboratories and 75 in-house scientists networked with over 150 world-class scientists representing world class institutions from across the globe. Pharmanex Research Centers and Labs include:


Nu Skin Center for Anti-Aging research (Provo, Utah)

The Pharmanex/Nu Skin Personal Care Research Institute in Provo, Utah opened in December 2001. Encompassing 16,000 square feet, the facility includes a research library and state-of-the-art scientific equipment. The Provo Research Institute was established to conduct in-house research and development, quality assurance/quality control, microbiological testing and analytical methods development. To reflect the company's commitment to consumer education, the institute features informative product displays and large, internal "picture windows" that allow visitors to view the scientific process firsthand. The institute collaborates closely with other Pharmanex® research sites and personnel interchange through different communication and training programs.


Pharmanex Beijing Clinical and Pharmacology Center
The Pharmanex Beijing Clinical & Pharmacology Center is actively engaged in research to determine the pharmacology-toxicology, the clinical benefits and mechanisms of the clinical benefits of natural products. The center occupies 8,000 square feet of lab and office space. Eight of them have >20 years of research experience in biology related fields. The center plays a major role in the Pharmanex clinical and pre-clinical research and product development. As a part of the Pharmanex 6S® Quality Process, the Beijing center is involved in all aspects of the selection, safety, and substantiation phases.



Pharmanex Shanghai Research and Development Center
Established in 1996, Pharmanex Shanghai Research and Development Center was originally located in modern state-of-the-art laboratories on the campus of Fudan University. In 2002 the Pharmanex's first research and development facility in China was relocated to the Shanghai Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park. The center occupies 12,000 square feet of lab and office space and is staffed with 33 research scientists, more than half of them are PhDs and MSs. The center is responsible for information and intelligence analysis, natural product chemistry, manufacturing process development, and analytical science in support of quality assurance. The center is directed by Dr. Min Li, one of the most prominent medicinal natural product scientists in China.