Identifying the Source

The scientific community has access to the Human Genome, but Nu Skin’s breakthrough ageLOC science gives us the ability to interpret it in a meaningful way. In a recent scientific discovery, Nu Skin, in collaboration with anti-aging and genetics experts, has identified key groups or functional clusters of genes—YOUTH GENE CLUSTERS—that help influence how we age. Nu Skin believes that finding and identifying these functional groups of genes is the key to addressing aging at the source.

Clinical study results, genomic analyses, and substantiated research from ageLOC science has led Nu Skin scientists to identify specific functional Youth Gene Clusters that are responsible for youthful skin attributes. The expression of these genes is responsible for the signs of aging on our skin. Through ageLOC science, Nu Skin has the ability to RESET THESE GENES to behave more youthfully, helping to restore a more youthful balance in the skin.