In anti-aging science, the Nu Skin team is leading the way. Nu Skin’s study of Youth Gene Clusters has resulted in MORE ADVANCED SCIENTIFIC FORMULATIONS AND ENHANCED ANTI-AGING PRODUCTS that will redefine the industry. By modeling skin and human tissue in laboratory experiments, Nu Skin has learned how crucial gene expression is to retaining youth. In fact, in order to retain a youthful appearance, we understand how science can RESTORE YOUTHFUL ACTIVITY PATTERNS TO OUR GENES.


By creating an exclusive partnership with the founders of LifeGen Technologies, Dr. Richard Weindruch and Dr. Tomas Prolla, Nu Skin has access to more than 30 years of research into the genetic basis of aging. Their studies have shown that an innovative approach called caloric restriction is validated by science as an important key to understanding the preservation of youth. Indeed, their findings have been so groundbreaking that they are published in the most prestigious scientific journals in the world.

By studying the way genes are expressed in calorically restricted tissue, Nu Skin will continue to be able to identify and confirm which genes are related to aging and use this knowledge to develop NEW, INNOVATIVE PRODUCTS FAR INTO THE FUTURE.

Nu Skin’s ongoing research, combined with its NEW RESEARCH PARTNERSHIP with Stanford University, will deepen the company’s understanding of gene expression and its impact on reversing skin aging even late in life. We believe ageLOC science is the answer to anti-aging. It’s a scientific breakthrough that goes beyond the signs to target the ultimate sources of aging.