Our mission is to be a force for good in the world by empowering people to improve lives through innovative products, rewarding opportunities, and an uplifting, enriching culture.  We are committed to the highest ethical standards and business practices as we aspire to become the world’s leading business opportunity platform. We expect our brand affiliates to abide by these same ethical standards and business practices. 


The following links provide important information regarding our income opportunity, our products, and the ethical standards and business practices we expect our employees and Brand Affiliates will follow. We believe this information helps Brand Affiliates, customers, consumers, and the general public evaluate our business, our products, and our income opportunity, and have a better understanding of the ethical standards and business practices we expect our employees and Brand Affiliates to follow.


We encourage anyone who experiences conduct by our employees or Brand Affiliates that does not meet these standards to report such conduct to Nu Skin. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to a Nu Skin representative using any of the methods found on the Contact Us page.





Brand Affiliates should never use tragedies, natural disasters, and the like to promote the company’s products or opportunity. Given the recent COVID-19 outbreak, the company wishes to highlight several important principles to ensure Brand Affiliates are promoting our products and business opportunity correctly.


As we all know, Nu Skin and its Brand Affiliates are prohibited from making claims or representations that our products can cure, treat, or prevent any disease or medical condition. This prohibition includes any statements or images that our products will in any way prevent or minimize the risk of COVID-19.


Brand Affiliates should not, either directly or indirectly, reference COVID-19 when talking about our products. Such references imply the same inappropriate claims mentioned above and can include language or images. Examples include “Given the outbreak,” “Under the current circumstances,” “In times like these” and/or using images of doctors or face masks.


Brand Affiliates should not use COVID-19 or the economic impact of the pandemic in their marketing materials or promotion of the business opportunity.


Brand Affiliates should not market or promote that our products have been designated as “essential.” Nu Skin is working hard to treat them in this manner, but any promotion of this may incorrectly imply that we have received government endorsement or approval.


Brand Affiliates may not use the Nu Skin name or products to solicit or facilitate in-kind donations to third-party organizations (health care workers, hospitals, charities, etc.). Brand Affiliates may, however, promote donations and relief efforts undertaken by Nu Skin as announced on official company websites and social media pages.


Notwithstanding the above, Nu Skin encourages all Brand Affiliates to continue promoting both the products and the business opportunity in accordance with policy as well as the Opportunity Testimonial Guidelines and Product Testimonial Guidelines. We will continue to be a force for good by empowering and uplifting others through our products and opportunity.


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