Customer Care Features

Smart Prospecting

Reach out to the right people at the right time. Like any great assistant, the Nu Skin Connect App tells you what you need to do each day to reach your goals. It fills your funnel and creates an easy follow up system. The Nu Skin Connect App makes it simple to import your contacts from across your social media channels, sort them into different categories, reach out to them, leave notes on where they are in the sales journey and then schedule a reminder to follow up! (What doesn't she do?)

Contact Management

Simple to import, sort, reach out and follow up!

The Nu Skin Connect app seamlessly imports and organizes your contacts for you. From within the Nu Skin Connect app, you can leave comments on each contact’s profile card, record your latest reach-out, schedule a follow-up and tag your contact into different categories.

Nu Skin Connect Cycle

Delight more customers with less hustle. From day 1, the Nu Skin Connect app starts to learn about your business and your customers. She syncs directly with your backoffice, automatically creating tasks for upcoming subscriptions orders, Box Openings for new Customers, and reconnects with past Customers.

Content and Scripts

Build a library of customer-ready scripts  

The Nu Skin Connect app helps you access content from Nu Skin or you can add your own. The Nu Skin Connect app tracks what videos your customers enjoy the most and what content gets the best engagement. Your leader can also share their best performing scripts.

Custom Lists

Increase loyalty and referrals  

Instantly create Custom lists for Prospects, Customers or your downline based on the products they’re interested in, past orders or regions. Ensure your customers feel the love, instead of falling through the cracks.

Customer Care App banner

Planning and organization

Run your business with confidence. Need to cut out the noise? The Nu Skin Connect app organizes and prioritizes your daily tasks so when you work on your business you know which activities to complete. Saving you time and effort.

Trends and activity tracking

Get actionable insights  

Get real-time reporting on commissions, cycles and lifetime earnings. Know exactly where your business is thriving and where you need to devote more time.

Here is the outline we suggest following for maximum team adoption onto Nu Skin Connect.