The power of events


As the digital landscape is expanding, today’s society is always on social media interacting with brands. These platforms provide brands and customers with the opportunity to interact in a personalised and tailored environment. While social media is becoming an important part of promoting a business, we can’t ignore the power and value that events, and face-to-face communication has.


Events are a powerful tool that provide customers with the opportunity to build relationships, get a firsthand sense of the company’s focus and gain a greater understanding of the products. Research has shown that 67% of people believe that events are the most effective content tool for their business with studies revealing that 85% of consumers are likely to purchase after an event and 91% feel more positive about the brand.[1]  


Attending Nu Skin events is important as it provides distributors and customers with the opportunity to meet like-minded people and hear life changing stories. At events we are not advertising products, but instead we are letting prospective customers see and feel what their lives would be like with the amazing Nu Skin products and opportunities in it. Every year Nu Skin puts on multiple events. Check out the events you can attend and what you will gain from them.


1.  Convention: The Nu Skin Pacific Regional Convention occurs every 2 years and includes general sessions about upcoming product launches, the business opportunities and how to build a successful team, as well as a Recognition Gala Dinner for our top performing sales leaders and an ageLOC Expo. These events are not to be missed!


2 Roadshows: Roadshows are an opportunity event where you can browse and test some of our revolutionary products, hear for a number of amazing guest speakers and learn about the opportunities and culture of Nu Skin. These events are only a success if you bring guests and immerse them into the world of Nu Skin.



3.  ageLOC Expos:  At ageLOC expos you have the opportunity to browse and experience our revolutionary products in anti-ageing skincare, cosmetics and nutrition and simply network with others in the business.


4.  Success Trips:  A special way that we recognise the success of our distributors is through our success trips. These trips occur every 6 months and are a reward for our top performing leaders. In order to attend you must meet qualification requirements. 


Here at Nu Skin there is always an event you can attend. Make sure you take advantage of these opportunities so you can form in-person connections in an increasingly digital world.  


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