Whatever Happens in Life is Beneficial

Whatever Happens in Life is Beneficial


As a small and quiet young girl who was the 5th of 10 children, Angela Liew of Singapore learned at an early age that she had to work hard to get attention. As she grew up, she dreamed of becoming very successful—a goal that supported the advice her father gave her when she was little: “When you are successful, you can have the best life has to offer.” Since that time, Angela has put all of her effort into each of her professional endeavors because she has always been determined to design her own life.


Her professional career began when she became a fashion store sales clerk—a position she viewed as a springboard to becoming store manager before she was 21. She worked a “one salary, four-fold workload” schedule, doing everything from cleaning the store early in the morning to performing odd jobs for her boss at the factory, and she never went home before 9 p.m. Within a year, she had reached her goal and was named store manager at the age of 20.


Angela went on to become very successful in the garment industry—she eventually owned three garment factories—but she was ready to diversify her professional interests. With encouragement by Rayne Ho, her current business partner, Angela became a Nu Skin distributor.


Focus Is the Key to Success


Focus is extremely important to success, whether in a traditional business or in direct selling. Angela feels her extraordinary success as a Nu Skin distributor is the result of her constant concentration on her Nu Skin business, particularly her commitment to taking positive action every day. She believes when people let their fears and doubts become more important than their goals, they will have trouble succeeding. “The result lies where the focus is,” she says. “When you focus on the problem, you will get the problem. On the other hand, when you focus on the result, you’ll get the result.” Angela feels that a healthy mindset about what you want to achieve is crucial to any distributor’s success.


Adversity can be found in any business, and Angela feels challenges can be compounded by people’s responses to those challenges. For her, life experiences happen for a reason, and it is how you deal with these events that shape who you are as a person and the success you will ultimately enjoy. “I believe there is a reason behind every happening, and the result of every happening must be beneficial to me,” she says. She views these experiences as useful sooner or later, and the final beneficiary is the one who experienced it.


Angela’s focus has served her well. She and her business partner, Rayne Ho, have now become Nu Skin 20 Million Dollar Circle Members[i].


Angela-Rayne 2-2

Angela Liew and Rayne Ho


Real Success Comes From Helping Others Succeed


In addition to the many financial rewards Angela has enjoyed because of her Nu Skin business, Angela knows that Nu Skin has also benefited her as a person. As a boss, she had a short temper due to the many pressures she faced—stress that concerned her since she remembers her father frequently losing his temper, suffering from high blood pressure in his 50s, and eventually passing away from heart disease. “I often feel, without Nu Skin, my situation would have been very miserable now,” she says. Today, her ability to focus on helping others reach their goals has enabled her to stay calm, and she keeps the force for good mission of improving lives consistently in the forefront of her mind. Before beginning her Nu Skin business, Angela faced constant competition in her other professions. However, once she joined Nu Skin and focused on helping other people instead of dwelling on what she wanted, the pressure in her life disappeared. 


The Bigger the Dream, the Smaller the Difficulty


Angela has learned that when her dreams are bigger, her problems seem to become smaller. When she runs into a problem today, she quickly adjusts her attitude to face it. “As Charles R. Swindoll said, ‘Life is 10 percent what happens to you and 90 percent how you react to it,’” says Angela. “The difference lies between one thought and another.”  She has kept her laser focus throughout her life, and says she spared no effort in reaching her goals because she did not want to feel sorry for herself in the future. “You can never deceive yourself,” she says. “You are the one who knows best whether you have done your best or not.” She views both success and failure as habits, and when you make success a habit, you can be successful in anything. “Every time you fulfill one of your goals, you should think about what else you can do to get even better results,” she advises.

As Angela continues to grow her business around the world, she retains her focus on helping others enjoy the rewards she and Rayne have earned throughout their distributorship. And when asked to name her current dream, she answers quickly and with a smile: “Helping Nu Skin to become the number one direct selling company in the world.”


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[i] Twenty Million Dollar Circle Member refers to those independent distributors who are members of the 20 Million Dollar Circle having earned over 20 million dollars in commissions over the life of their involvement with Nu Skin. Not all distributors make money. No one can be guaranteed success as a distributor.  For information on the average commissions paid to distributors and the percentage of distributors earning a commission please go to nuskin.com.