Women Rising at Nu Skin – 2021 Year in Review

Women Rising at Nu Skin


At Nu Skin, we are committed to empowering women, creating a culture of connection and belonging, and highlighting the successes of our highly valued employees.


At our 2021 International Women’s Day event, Nu Skin announced a commitment to creating an inclusive, equitable, and diverse workplace. At this event, we also announced a plan to (1) open a new Head of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion position, (2) launch a women’s Employee Resource Group (ERG), (3) initiate a global pay equity study, and (4) report to the board on inclusion, equity, and diversity metrics.


Since then, we have been hard at work to achieve these goals through coordinated efforts across our organization. Read on to learn about some of the important strides we’ve made so far and will continue to make in 2022.



In March of 2021, we launched a program to recognize the influence and talents of our amazing female contributors. Women in all 14 core departments across our corporate organization were acknowledged by their colleagues through a nomination campaign. These nominations have been shared both internally and externally through social media posts, blog posts, and employee communications. During the lifetime of the campaign, 118 women were nominated, with 70% of nominations coming from male colleagues. 105 of these nominations were shared externally on social media, with 4 executives participating on their LinkedIn pages. You can follow along using #WomenRisingAtNuSkin and #NuSkinLife.


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In addition to our nomination campaign, we also launched a Women Rising Employee Resource Group (ERG). This employee-led group currently comprised of 183 individuals and growing seeks to create an inclusive workplace, recognizing and elevating women at our organization.


Since its start, the Women Rising ERG has enriched the workplace for its members through service projects, mentorship opportunities, book clubs, education webinars, Listen & Learns, and dedicated connection groups. These groups include Working Moms, Women in Management, Outdoors, Arts & Cultures and Millennials.


Below are the service projects that took place from 2021:


  • Food and Care Coalition kit project

  • Force for Good Day volunteering at sensory booths

  • Afghan Refugee project

  • She Tech virtual internship (product development)

  • She Tech virtual internship (digital)

  • ProvoCAPS product development workshop



In addition to the efforts mentioned above, Nu Skin has also committed to initiating a global pay equity study. “Pay equity” ensures that employers are compensating employees equally where individuals perform the same or similar job duties, independent of gender. An important step in preparing for this study has been the establishment of our new career architecture. This creates consistency across jobs that is necessary to ensure the pay equity study will provide reliable results. As the job architecture is stabilized, we will be able to initiate the study in Q4 2022 to identify potential pay discrepancies and determine appropriate actions.


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We are proud of the strong team of women that enrich the Nu Skin business and culture. As we continue into 2022, we hope to expand our efforts to increasingly elevate and acknowledge the amazing female talent at our organization. Ryan Napierski, Nu Skin Chief Executive Officer said,


“I am laser-focused on our mission of empowering all people, and I believe the only way we can achieve this is through striving to create a more inclusive and equal workforce.”  


At Nu Skin, we know when women rise, we all succeed, whether those women are our employees, sales leaders, or customers.


Connie Tang - Customer Experience Officer at Nu Skin


Written By:

Connie Tang

Chief Growth and Customer Experience Officer

Nu Skin