Know Your Goals and Focus to Get Results

Know Your Goals and Focus to Get Results


Goal setting is one of the Success Formula’s 5 Key Success Drivers, and serves as the focus of a recent article in the Direct Selling News.  In an article titled, “Personal Strategic Clarity: Know your Goals and Focus to Get Results,” author Tony Jeary presents eight tactics to help you set goals to get the results you want.  The eight tactics are:


1.       Purpose – Without purpose one is lost. “[Purpose] paints the picture of where you are going and why it is important…”

2.       Passion/Happiness – What makes you happy?  If you do what you love, you will find that your goals and objectives are accomplished much easier than if you are doing something you loathe.

3.       Values – What’s most important to you and what helps you stand out above the rest?

4.       Goals – “Goals should be a balance of factors, which are…different for each person, but would include such things as financial, physical, home and family life, education, social and spiritual.”

5.       Filters – How do you filter things that go on around you? The better you understand what  is going on around you, the better you will be able to communicate to others in ways they will understand.

6.       Roles – Being conscious of the roles you play in other peoples lives will help you serve and lead others more effectively.

7.       Internal Congruence – “This is mapping your world with clarity – showing how it all fits together.”

8.       HLAs – High Level Activities.  Stimulate your day and schedule! “Because business is a results contest, this can have a huge influence on the results you produce.


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