How To Recruit Top Talent Employees

How To Recruit Top Talent Employees

According to LinkedIn’s Talent Trend report, 85% of the global workforce would be willing to change their job for a better opportunity. Even further, 45% of those individuals are totally open to considering a new opportunity when approached by a recruiter. That’s a lot of people who are potential employees for new positions. 


With this in mind, there are many elements to consider when establishing whether a candidate is a good fit for the job. Who has the best skills specific to the position? Who will be a good fit within the company culture? Who is a fast learner and can take initiative? Who works well under pressure?  


Often, it’s not just a matter of who has these sought-after skills and traits, rather, the question is: who, within a pool of competent and skilled individuals, is the cream of the crop and has the most holistic set of skills and experiences that set them apart as the top choice.  


So, with more than three-quarters of the global workforce open to new job opportunities, how can you recruit top talent to your organization? And how do you differentiate candidates between the best-of-the-best and all the rest? Here are 3 ways your company can recruit top talent employees for your team:


1. Be clear in the interview process 

Making sure applicants are kept updated and in the loop during the hiring process is key to building trust and creating a great candidate experience. To determine whether it will be a good fit for both you and the candidate, clear communication about the position is critical. Accurate descriptions of the roles and responsibilities listed in the job posting and discussed throughout the interview process will help potential talent know exactly what it is they would be doing if hired, cutting down on dissatisfaction and unrealistic expectations about the role.

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At Nu Skin, one of the traits that we strive towards as a company is to be direct and decisive. This isn’t just a standard meant for high level or long-time employees, but it's a standard for every employee, no matter how new or inexperienced they are. To cultivate a direct and decisive environment, recruiters and managers need to display transparency about what the job requires and demands, especially throughout the interview process when seeking out new employees.


2. Present the values of the company in an authentic way 

Potential talent recruits look to understand the values of the company during the job hunt. To be competitively considered, the values of your company need to be presented in an honest and authentic way.

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According to a survey from Capital Group, 82% of millennials, who will make up 75% of the workforce by 2025, say it’s important for companies to promote the health and wellness of consumers and employees. Additionally, 76% of millennials consider a company’s social and environmental commitments before deciding where to work, and 75% of millennials would take a pay cut to work for a socially responsible company. No wonder they are referred to as the “Giving Generation.” 


In other words, much of today’s workforce cares deeply about making conscious efforts to improve the world, and strongly consider the mission and values of a company before deciding to work for them. “The culture and leadership is what attracts and retains so many to Nu Skin. Ultimately, it’s why I joined the company,” says Vince Perfetti, Chief Transformation Officer. “Nu Skin’s mission to be a global force for good is balanced by the countless opportunities to engage in efforts to give back locally and around the world.”

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Nu Skin is just one of many companies that invests in time, resources, money, and people in efforts to improve the lives of individuals and communities in need. And now more than ever, how a company engages and gives back is an important factor to take into account when potential employees are considering new opportunities.


3. Provide perks  

We all know that competitive pay is one element that talented individuals look for in potential job opportunities, but what about the perks? According to Spherion, 85% of potential employees look for the number of perks, programs, and benefits that a company offers when looking for a new job. Work-life balance is huge, and companies that prioritize the perks and benefits that help to establish this for their employees will stand out from the rest.

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Nu Skin offers numerous employee activities throughout the year, including holiday events and summer parties that are exclusively for employees and their families. The company also offers unlimited paid time off, healthcare benefits, a generous bonus structure, 401k matching, and award-winning retirement readiness planning. Other perks include wellness programs, an on-site fitness center and a monthly allowance for Nu Skin products. 


Offering benefits, perks, programs, events, and resources enhance lives, shows company appreciation, and helps employees feel more empowered in their work. This is something that Nu Skin values and takes seriously as we strive to empower employees at every level to act responsibly and take ownership for their actions.


Essentials to Growth

Whether startup or enterprise, recruiting top talent is essential to the growth of your business. Offering potential candidates a clear and transparent job description, valuable and mission-driven work, and perks that create a fun and engaging environment will ensure that you attract the best of the best.