3 Things Your Child May Be Missing From Their Diet

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Children’s brains are constantly growing and learning, trying hard to decipher and understand the world around them. In fact, during the first 5-8 years of life, their brains develop and learn faster than at any other time. A good foundation is essential for helping them succeed in school and life1. At this stage, children are learning how to communicate and develop social skills in addition to the demands expected of them in school as they learn new concepts in math, science, and history for the first time. During this critical development phase, many parents look for ways to provide their children with the building blocks needed to succeed. One of these building blocks is nutrition.


Proper nutrition is vital for a child’s developing brain. Many children may not get the essential nutrients that are critical for memory, learning, and overall development and growth from their diet alone2. Mighty Minds has been formulated specifically for children to assist their brain in the development stages. This Pharmanex kid soft chews contain important brain health nutrients that are hard for kids to get through their normal diets: choline, omega-3 fatty acids DHA+EPA, and vitamin D. These nutrients play a key role in learning, memory, focus, and overall brain health.





While it’s possible to obtain choline from a healthy diet, the truth is most children don’t. Over 90% of the United States population, 2+ years of age, do not get the optimal amount of choline3. Choline is an essential nutrient, meaning it must be obtained from dietary sources or supplementation to meet the needs of growing children. Choline is important for brain development by acting as a precursor for a neurotransmitter called acetylcholine. This important messenger in the brain is involved in memory, learning, and much more. Choline also contributes to brain cell structure, so it is vital to make sure your kids get enough choline for their brain health needs.



OMEGA 3’s EPA and DHA from fish oil


Two of the best-studied and most important Omega-3 fatty acids for brain health are DHA and EPA. Mighty Minds provides a DHA rich source of omega-3 fatty acids crucial for your child’s brain health. DHA specifically supports brain cognition, memory, learning, and vision. EPA provides added support for mood, behavior, emotional well-being, immune health, and working memory. Food sources rich in these essential fatty acids are almost non-existent in our children’s diet. Kids might not be getting enough omega-3 DHA and EPA because some parents don’t eat enough or serve fatty fish and other seafood high in omega-3 fatty acids. The benefits of fish oil are well studied for brain health in all ages and are backed by thousands of studies supporting the multiple ways in which fish oil can benefit brain health.


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More and more we are seeing kids choosing to stay inside and play video games, watch TV, or stare at smartphones and tablets instead of venturing outside to play. As a result, our children may not be getting a healthy amount of vitamin D from the sun’s rays which is why getting it from our diet plays such an important role. This can also result in vitamin D deficiency if we don’t get enough from other sources or through supplementation. One study suggests that more than 88% of us are not getting enough vitamin D4! This could be due to lack of time outside, our geographical location, the time of year, and/or poor diet. Food sources of vitamin D include dairy foods, pink salmon, sardines, and other fortified foods. Whatever the case may be your child may not be getting enough vitamin D; Mighty Minds can help provide your kids with 25% of their daily recommended intake.



Mighty Minds


Mighty Minds is an ultra-pure, hassle-free formula that your kids will enjoy taking every day while getting essential brain health nutrients. This great-tasting, apple-flavored soft chew is backed by our 6S Quality Process and is free from sugar, artificial flavors, colors, sweeteners, and preservatives! The unique soft chew delivery format allows for higher omega-3 bioavailability5 and helps to provide more actives when compared to traditional gummies. With Mighty Minds, kids now have a fun and easy way to get important brain health nutrients to help support their memory, learning, vision, and cognitive development in a delicious soft chew.




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