A Strong Belief System Creates Change

A Strong Belief System Creates Change

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Byeong Cheon Heo and Min-hye Ju were working traditional jobs when they were introduced to Nu Skin. Even though they were comfortable financially, they had no time to really enjoy their lives. This situation motivated them to take a serious look at Nu Skin. Although they were skeptical about direct selling at first, they were concerned about their futures since some of their coworkers had been laid off from their jobs. They decided to become distributors and began building their Nu Skin business part-time by sharing the products and business model with others during their lunch breaks and weekends.


As the couple began to build their business, their dreams became bigger and stronger each time they attended meetings and trainings. As the couple’s success and knowledge grew, they lost their initial skepticism and began to believe wholeheartedly in both the integrity of the company and its high-quality products. Once they had a strong belief system in place and learned how the compensation plan could benefit them, their business began to take off.


The couple usually introduced people to the business in one-on-one meetings, and then invited them to seminars. When prospects joined them in the business, Byeong Cheon Heo and Min-hye Ju had them participate in various training meetings. They made a point to help their team members grow into competent leaders themselves and kept them inspired by sharing their own experiences and knowledge about how to build a successful business.


They recognized that Nu Skin is a leader in both the anti-aging skin care and nutritional supplement industries, and this strong branding has helped support their efforts to find customers and build a team of distributors who are passionate about all aspects of Nu Skin.

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Personal Development Helps Lead the Way


For these One Million Dollar Circle Members[i], personal development is a by-product of building a Nu Skin business. “Self-improvement is not an easy process while working,” they say. “However, Nu Skin is a business that offers financial freedom and can help provide personal insights.” Byeong Cheon Heo and Min-hye Ju made it a rule to read books and attend seminars that would increase their own personal development. They also invited upline leaders to dinner, or had counseling sessions with them, to gain insight into good business practices.


Meeting with these mentors allowed them to see their business in a different perspective, and it gave them ideas and action steps to take that would expand their organization. They then shared this knowledge with their team to enhance their team members’ leadership skills. The couple believes that showing people how to improve themselves on a personal level helps to build leaders within individual organizations—people who can “lead the way” for countless others seeking an improved lifestyle and the rewards that success provides.


Byeong Cheon Heo and Min-hye Ju believe now is the perfect time for a person to grow a successful business since anti-aging is such a large and growing market, and Nu Skin is widely recognized as an innovator in this category. They also love the fact that as Nu Skin leaders, they now have the time to really enjoy their lives. In addition, they recognize the importance of always trying to act with a sense of responsibility and striving to make a difference in others’ lives. Most of all, they advise their team members and anyone wishing to build a successful business to remember to make their dreams an important part of their action plan. “Defining your dream will determine the direction of your life,” they say.




[i] Million Dollar Circle Members are distributors who have earned over one-million dollars in commissions over the lifetime of their Nu Skin distributorship. In 2012 the average commission paid to U.S. Active Distributors was $133.92 monthly ($1,607.04 annualized).  In 2012 the average percentage of Active Distributors that earned commissions at the highest level (Blue Diamond) was 0.15 percent. Not all distributors succeed or make money. Generating meaningful compensation as a Distributor requires considerable time, effort, and commitment. For a complete summary of distributor compensation paid at all levels within the Sales Compensation Plan, please contact the company at 800-487-1000 or visit https://www.nuskin.com/content/dam/global/library/pdf/distearnings.pdf online.