Protect Your Skin with Sunright

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Protect Your Skin with Sunright


Have you ever walked in a store to buy sunscreen and been confused by the array of products and wondered if SPF 30 sunscreen is twice as effective as SPF 15. Technically speaking, if an individual normally burns in the presence of sunlight in ten minutes then multiply that by the product’s SPF level to estimate the time that can be spent in the sun before getting a sunburn. An SPF 30 blocks 97% of UVB rays, while an SPF 50 blocks 98%. There is no product or formulation that can block 100%.


Sunburns are only part of the problem, though. Sunburns result from UVB exposure, but photoaging results from UVA radiation, which is not taken into account with SPF ratings. Most people are equally concerned about the long-term effect (aging) as they are the short term (sunburns). Thus, a broad-spectrum product should be selected. According to the U.S. FDA, products must provide equivalent protection from UVA and UVB rays in order to be labeled as “broad spectrum.”


Nu Skin Sunright sunscreens have always met these criteria and now comes in two anti-aging formulations that provide broad-spectrum SPF 35 or 50. While these two products are formulated to be very different, both can be used on the face and body allowing the convenience of using just one sunscreen.


The two products differ in their SPF and sunscreen ingredients. Sunright 50 provides a higher protection from UV radiation that some of our consumers prefer.  Other consumers may prefer a formula that uses physical, sometimes referred to as inorganic, sunscreen ingredients. For these individuals, Sunright 35 is formulated with titanium dioxide and zinc oxide.


Both Sunright formulas also offer anti-aging ingredient technologies. Photoaging happens in the presence of sunlight, and UV exposure initiates a cascade of events that result in free radicals and, ultimately, damage to the skin. Haematoccus pluvailis extract provides an antioxidant that can squelch free radicals before they cause damage to the skin. Another part of photoaging is caused by increases in skin temperature. Physalis angulate extract helps keep skin cooler in the presence of sunlight and helps calm and soothe the skin during and after UV exposure.


Always remember to apply your Sunright product early and be sure to use enough—the more the better according to dermatologists. Sunscreens should be initially applied 15 minutes prior to sun exposure. Sunright products are water resistant and should be reapplied after 80 minutes of swimming or perspiring, but reapplied immediately after towel drying. Even if you are not swimming, always reapply every two hours. As with all sunscreens, check with a doctor before using on children under six months.



Posted by K.C. Holley