5 College Essentials

5 College Essentials

Long hours in the library, falling asleep at your laptop, staying up all night to finish a paper, and getting up the nerve to sit by your crush – just a typical day in the life of a college student, am I right? Whether you are a freshman or a senior, we could all use a little something to help us get through the semester.


To make each day a little easier we have put together a few things that are “a must” when going back to school.



Snack Time:


No matter how ambitious you are there will be those moments where your stomach is growling, and you realize that you forgot to pack a lunch as you ran out of the apartment that morning. Always keep some type of snack in your backpack. It could be fruit snacks, granola bars, even a small bag of pretzels. You will be thanking yourself in those moments of dire need.


Breath Check:


Once you have had your snack it’s time to take care of that breath. It’s smart to keep a pack of gum, mints or even breath spray on you. Nu Skin’s AP 24® Breath Spray delivers an exclusive patented plaque-fighting ingredient. It gives a burst of cleanliness and a “just brushed” feeling any time of the day. A minty, clean mouth can help you feel focused and confident.


Energy Boost:


Afternoon slumps are the worst, especially when you have that two-hour class that was only available at 3:00 pm. Diet soda, snacks, gum, and even a fidget spinner can help keep you focused. We recommend something a little different. With natural caffeine and a unique blend of B vitamins our Pharmanex E2® packets are a healthy alternative to soda and energy drinks. packets are a healthy alternative to soda and energy drinks.


Other Useful Items:

Lastly there a few extra things that are just good to have on hand.




College can be rough but with these simple items we hope you can cross that bridge with ease and put your focus on what really matters.