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AMPLIFY the Potential

Vast potential awaits in Asia Pacific as it currently dominates the global water purifier market as the highest-revenue generating region! Similarly, the predicted future progress and growth in Asia Pacific may drive this global market at a high 11.5% compound annual growth rate (CAGR). The spotlight is on the residential segment as analysts anticipate its robust growth after witnessing 78% domination of overall global market by household users in 2015.1 Your everyday consumers are priming the market landscape with demand amidst rising awareness and concerns for water health. The time is now.


YOUR Business Drivers

Primary drivers of this growth in the water purifier market are namely:


1. Deterioration of water quality triggered by industrial and agriculture pollution 
2. Rising awareness for drinking clean, safe water 
3. Increased disposable incomes of consumers 


Based on research2 assessing and ranking 178 countries globally by their water and sanitation standards, Southeast Asia is beset with daunting challenges of poor water quality and accessibility to safe drinking water. With the eminent danger of contaminated water carrying waterborne diseases, homeowners in Southeast Asia are driving the business demand for water purifiers to ensure clean, safe water for enhanced health and wellness.


GROWTH with EcoSphere

Industry insights revealed that membrane water purifiers are likely to be the fastest growing segment globally over the next 5 years3. This purifier category leverages on membrane technology such as ultra-filtration. Staying ahead of the game, EcoSphere Water Purifier incorporates an intelligent 4-stage ultra purification technology comprising of membrane filtrations with ultraviolet light. Tap into the power of EcoSphere Water.


Purifier for clean and safe water quality to protect your health. Equipping business builders like yourself with a game-changing product driven by consumer demand, EcoSphere will help you to fine new customers, grow your business, and propel you into a healthier future!



With market potential, strong business drivers in Southeast Asia and a product primed for today’s consumers, the opportunity to work hard and grow your business is within your reach. Be a trendsetter, innovator and FIRST in the history of Nu Skin world to experience clean, safe water for you and your family. Seize this opportunity now! Start drinking healthy to glimpse into the world of EcoSphere first-hand and inspire others alike to protect their health with clean, safe water!


Drink healthy with clean, safe water now! 
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1 Growth rate refers to Compound Annual Growth Rate forecast between the years of 2017 and 2025 - Global Water Purifier Market: Burgeoning World Population Majorly Fuelling Demand. Transparency Market Research, 2017. 
2 Water and Sanitation. Environmental Performance Index, Yale University, 2014. 
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