Force for Good Statue to Stand on New Legs


After six weeks of careful reconstruction and re-engineering, Nu Skin’s Force for Good statue is nearly finished and ready to stand once again as a symbol of Nu Skin’s giving culture.


The statue, originally created in 2001 by the award-winning Gary Lee Price Studio, has undergone significant changes and is nearly ready to be reinstalled at its previous location, north of the Nu Skin high-rise building.


“We are starting to reassemble the statue and are hoping to finish it in the next week or so,” said Ken Donally, manager over the reconstruction project. “We plan to return the statue as soon as it is finished and when construction on the site permits it.”


When returned to Nu Skin, the fountain-shaped supports upon which the globe rests will be changed from gold to a dark bronze color and a texture consistent with the rest of the statue.


The Gary Lee Price studio has also been working on the structural integrity of the statue since the 6,000-pound globe will no longer be supported by a planter box. The fountain shapes have now been extended and strengthened to act as the new base.


Nu Skin originally approached Gary to create a design depicting Nu Skin’s message of worldwide contribution. The final design featured children holding hands floating around a globe.


“The children that fly around the globe represent the global message of responsibility to each other,” said Gary Price, owner of the Gary Lee Price Studio. “I wanted the statue to be uplifting and happy with a deeper meaning.”


The original statue took a year and half to create. This is the first time any changes have been made since its creation.


“I’m glad that Nu Skin enjoys the symbol I have created, and I hope people interpret through this statue that Nu Skin is a company that cares and is an inspiration to people worldwide,” Gary said. “I am delighted to be a part of such a positive message and company.”