Nu Skin Innovation at its Finest

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The completion of the Innovation Center is fast approaching, but the breadth of its unique attributes still goes unnoticed by many. This new state-of-the-art project stands as a symbol of Nu Skin’s commitment to innovation and its characteristics can be enjoyed by all.


With the addition of the Innovation Center, Nu Skin’s campus will be home to anti-aging research facilities, a giant video display and a modern product store, enhancing Nu Skin’s research and development capabilities and its distributor experience.


Research and Development


A brand new 22,000 square foot Center for Anti-Aging Research will be constructed inside the Innovation Center. It will be home to the company’s U.S. based scientests and will help expand Nu Skin’s anti-aging research efforts globally.


The Center for Anti-Aging Research will focus on both skin care and nutritional science and will feature five state-of -the-art labs dedicated to product formulation, product stability, microbiology, chemistry and clinical research.


Scientists working in the new Nu Skin Clinical Lab will conduct preliminary safety, efficacy and consumer-use studies, helping to provide valuable insights during the development and evaluation of Nu Skin products.


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Distributor Experience


Nu Skin will welcome approximately 20,000 distributors each year to its downtown Provo campus, literally rolling out the red carpet for its sales leaders and providing a unique opportuity for all guests to be immersed in the Nu Skin experience through customized tours and events.


Featured prominently on the west side of the atrium, the “Dream Wall” will spotlight a 15-by-50-foot HD LED screen with three times the resolution of the video display of the Dallas Cowboy’s stadum. Distributors will be invited to send in their personal dreams and aspirations and Nu Skin will have them displayed on the massive eye-catching screen.


On the other end of the atrium, the achievements of Nu Skin’s world class sales team will be featured with large, backlit name plates and brief narratives of top sales leaders.


The Innovation Center will also be home to Nu Skin’s product store, which will include modern product displays and demonstration areas delivering a unique retail experience.


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Things are getting very exciting as near the completion of the Innovation Center. Will you be visiting the Innovation Center once it is complete?