Innovation Center Opens its Doors to Provo Nu Skin Employees


Nu Skin employees located in Provo, Utah gathered yesterday to celebrate the employee opening of the Innovation Center and become acquainted with their new work environment.


More than 800 employees were treated to speeches from Truman Hunt, Steve Lund, Sandie Tillotson and Dan Chard. The presenters focused on the past, present and future of innovation at Nu Skin and introduced some key features of the new building.


“Innovation has always been core to our success,” Hunt said, adding that the building is a representation of the hard work of Nu Skin’s employees and sales force.


Employees were then organized into groups to tour the Innovation Center and experience many of its features such as:


  • New science labs for continued product research, innovation and development
  • Modern workspaces for employees as they support Nu Skin distributors
  • Sales leader recognition areas
  • Theater space and training rooms for group presentations
  • The Spoon café with many healthy, ageLOC TR90-based meals


While employees begin to occupy their workspaces, finishing touches are being done to other areas in the building to prepare for the grand opening and ribbon cutting as part of the 2013 Global Convention. The Team Elite Pavilion that will provide temporary workspaces and meeting rooms for distributors is currently under construction and is expected to be completed in the first part of 2014.