Nu Skin Visits Malawi 2016

Malawi Children


Last month, a group of Nu Skin sales leaders from around the globe joined with executives to spend a week in Malawi. There they were able to see the effects of Nu Skin’s efforts, made through the Force for Good Foundation and the Nourish the Children initiative, to bolster the country and its people.


Attendees had the opportunity to distribute VitaMeal to children, tour the local VitaMeal plant, and visit a local community-based care center where children are served VitaMeal during school. In addition to the heart-warming experiences with the children impacted by Nourish the Children, the group attended the annual School for Agriculture for Family Independence (SAFI) graduation and visited communities that have been changed thanks to the Children’s Brighter Future initiative. Thanks to the continued donations and funding of the programs, Malawian families are able to achieve independence and self-sufficiency.


A Malawi Child learning from Nu Skin's Educational initiatives


“It was both heart-warming and gratifying to see the good that is being done by the Nu Skin family in the lives of these incredible children,” said Ruth Todd, Nu Skin Vice President of Public Affairs. “So many times during our week in Africa, I felt overwhelmed with gratitude for all of the Nu Skin sales leaders, customers, and employees who have contributed to this great work in Malawi. There is still much to do, but because of their generosity, we are off to a great start.”


Nu Skin Vice President of Public Affairs Ruth Todd embracing a Malawian mother


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