Digital Scan Credits

Digital Scan Credits

With your Scanner S3, you have two options to begin scanning clients.


You can either purchase a Scan Card or purchase Digital Scan Credit via your Scanner S3 App.


Below is a guide on How-To purchase Digital Scan Credit.



1. To purchase Digital Scan Credit, begin by selecting the SCAN tab in your Scanner S3 App where you have the option to choose to purchase Digital Scan Credit.



2. You will be required to enter your login details which will be your Nu Skin Username and Password for your Web Account.



3. From here, you will have option to add 1, 20 or 100 Scan Credits to your Scanner account.


4. Once you have selected your desired amount of Scan Credits, follow through to the Checkout and Payment Gateway.


Once processed, your added Scan Credits will appear in your Digital Scan Credits total.


Note: the Credit Card displayed will be the same details that are registered with your Nu Skin Web Account.