Lifestyle Rewards

Your Nu Skin Rewards



Take control of your work/life balance


"Since starting with Nu Skin I have completely turned around my life. Instead


of spending long hours at work and then come home and sleep in, I am now


free to be a mother. On any given day I am doing what I want to do, with the


people that I want to do it with."



- Catherine Wood Johnson             










Join us on our exclusive regional leadership and success events

Success Trips

The Pacific Success Trip is the ultimate incentive reward from Nu Skin. Sales Leaders who go above and beyond to build their Nu Skin business are rewarded with the all-expenses paid trip of a lifetime to an international destination filled with fun activities and sightseeing.


Discover the next Nu Skin Pacific Success Trip destination







Leadership Summits


Held annually, the Nu Skin Leadership Summit invites qualified Sales Leaders from across the Pacific Region to a two-day conference that covers business building, product training and networking opportunities. The Leadership Summit is designed to both train the next wave of Nu Skin Sales Leaders and give current Sales Leaders an opportunity to set new goals.









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Nu Skin wants to recognise our young sales leaders who embody Nu Skin Entrepreneurship, and reward our top Young Entrepreneurs for their incredible hard work.


Our Young Entrepreneur of the Year will receive an all-expenses paid party hosted by Nu Skin to celebrate his or her accomplishments.*

The title winner will also join the top runners up to form an exclusive group called the NuGen Leaders, who will become a voice for Nu Skin Entrepreneurs within the Pacific.


This award is a year-round opportunity to share what it means to be a Nu Skin Entrepreneur with personal success stories, while also collaborating with Corporate on new ideas.







Build lifelong relationships

“Growth is a huge part of life. When you decide to go through the changes to become a successful leader, it’s not easy and you definitely can't do it alone! Over time the trust, friendship & guidance built with my mentor Pauline has been nothing like I've experience before. You can't buy this sort of thing from courses, audios or books. It's the real deal and I'm grateful every day for it.”


- Karen Jones          

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