How Light Dispersing Particles Make Your Skin Look Smoother

Anti-aging products are developed to target the skin and provide a more youthful appearance. Many personal care products work over a period of time. But what if a more immediate benefit is being sought?


When skin is smooth, it reflects light evenly. The eyes perceive even skin texture and radiance. When skin is dimpled, has creases or lines, or is rough, this appearance is more noticeable by the shadows that are cast from light. There are numerous cosmetic ingredients that will help to diminish aging appearance with time by targeting skin texture. Another approach is to leverage inorganic materials to mask the skin’s imperfections. This is referred to as “soft focus” within the industry.


Cosmetic ingredient technologies have created microscopic spheres that act as tiny prisms. These light dispersing particles absorb, emit, and diffuse visible light, illuminating and reducing the appearance of shadows. This masks the skin’s imperfections so it instantly appears smoother and more radiant—key indicators of skin beauty.  

Light Dispersing

This technology is leveraged in a wide range of products including those that reduce the appearance of dark circles and puffiness under the eyes and evening the dimpled appearance of cellulitic skin. See the immediate effect of light dispersing particles in action by trying Nu Skin’s Tru Face IdealEyes and ageLOC Dermatic Effects.