Introduction to Aging Defense Mechanisms (ADMs)

6 Aging Aggressors that harm our body’s cellular defense mechanisms.


Did you know there’s a battle going on inside your body? This ongoing battle ultimately determines how you age at the cellular level. Every day you are exposed to aging aggressors that can cause or accelerate aging. Coming from both inside and outside our bodies, these aggressors take many different forms, such as environmental pollutants, cellular stress, sun exposure, psychosocial stress, smoking, poor diet, and cellular byproducts.


Cells throughout your body are equipped with natural defenses—referred to as aging defense mechanisms (ADMs)—that work together to defend against these aging aggressors. But their decline in function can leave you more vulnerable to the damaging effects of aging aggressors. So it’s important that these defenses function effectively throughout our lives. Fortunately, there are dietary and lifestyle choices that can support the youthful activity of aging defense mechanisms, helping you to enjoy life, be more active and energetic, and live younger longer.


In this series, we will look deeper into six categories of aging defense mechanisms (ADMs):


6 aging defense mechanisms that improve our cellular defense against aging


Metabolism Regulating Mechanisms

• Detoxification and Stress Response Mechanisms

DNA Protection and Repair Mechanisms

Mechanisms Regulating Inflammatory Balance

Tissue Renewal Mechanisms

Antioxidant Defense and Protection Mechanisms


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