Nu Skin Global Impact: 2017-2018

Nu Skin Global Impact 2017-2018


At Nu Skin, our mission is to be a Force for Good throughout the world by empowering people to improve lives with rewarding business opportunities, innovative products, and an enriching and uplifting culture. Nu Skin is an award-winning, premier, anti-aging company with a lasting product philosophy to produce “all of the good, none of the bad.” 


In 2017, we took each of these initiatives to new heights. Serving over 1 million consumers, through a network of nearly 82,000 global sales leaders, we managed to offer premium quality products and a sustainable business opportunity to people throughout Asia, the Americas, Europe, Africa, and the Pacific. Our Nu Skin family is comprised of over 4,700 international employees operating within an innovative business model. Together, we have grown into a multi-billion dollar global enterprise with a mission to be a Force for Good.


Nu Skin has over 2 million social media fans worldwide.


Our unique culture and liberating business model has led to an international social media fan base of over 2 million followers. Sales leaders, influencers, and consumers alike use social media to spread the word about their favorite products. In addition, our sales leaders utilize a variety of social media channels to conduct their business online and connect with their community. Nu Skin distributes over 200 unique products to consumers all over the world, including 2017’s top three products in the personal care category: ageLOC Spa systems, ageLOC Me customized skin care system, and the ageLOC LumiSpa skin care system and cleansing device. 


Thanks to the efforts of our dedicated sales leaders, employees, and consumers we were honored to receive more than 65 awards, including the Golden Bridge Award, the Edison Award, and Best of Biz International Award for Most Innovative Product of the Year over the course of 2017 alone. Our former CEO, Truman Hunt, was also awarded Executive of the Year from Utah Valley BusinessQ. Additionally, Direct Selling News ranked our company on their list of Utah’s Best Places to Work in 2017. 


At Nu Skin we pride ourselves on being a company that helps our sales leaders, employees, and consumers to "Discover the Best You." This mantra goes beyond providing rewarding business opportunities and developing innovative products, it also improves lives with an enriching and uplifting culture. One of the most rewarding parts of the Nu Skin culture is global participation in several humanitarian projects including Force for Good Day, the Greater China and Southeast Asia Children's Heart Funds, and the School of Agriculture for Family Independence. 


Last year marked the 14th annual celebration of worldwide Force for Good Day in which our global markets sponsored service projects in more than 20 countries. Employees, company executives, sales leaders, and family members, across the globe, came together to improve the lives of tens of thousands of children. Our network of volunteers assembled 10,000 back-to-school kits for local underprivileged children, installed bike racks, planted trees and bushes, created recycling initiatives, and collected more than 2,000 feminine hygiene boxes for less fortunate teen girls, just to name a few.  


In addition to our annual Force for Good Day, a fundraising gala is hosted by the Force for Good Foundation every two years. In 2017, we raised $2.2 million at the Gala and during Nu Skin LIVE!, highlighted by a private benefit concert with Maroon 5. We were able to donate all of the proceeds directly to our Force for Good projects, which support our mission to improve the lives of children by offering hope for a life free of disease, illiteracy, and poverty.


Nu Skin has donated 49 million meals through Nourish The Children.


Through the Nourish the Children initiative, Nu Skin addresses child hunger with a sustainable business model to a donation-based platform. Each employee, sales leader, and consumer has the opportunity to purchase and donate VitaMeal, a nutritious food created by our nutritional scientists. As is the case with other Nu Skin products, distributors are paid commissions and Nu Skin earns a profit margin from each sale of VitaMeal, which helps the program to be sustainable. A third-party nonprofit organization then delivers the VitaMeal to those in underdeveloped areas suffering from starvation. In 2017 alone, Nourish the Children provided more than 49 million meals to malnourished children around the world.


Nu Skin has provided 2,200 heart surgeries.


Nu Skin was able to provide more than 2,200 heart surgeries all over the globe in 2017. The Greater China and Southeast Asia Children’s Heart Funds provide life-saving surgeries to children living with congenital heart disease and other heart defects.


35 families in Malawi have completed School of Agriculture For Family Indpendence.


Additionally, our Nu Skin Force for Good Foundation sponsored the creation of the School of Agriculture for Family Independence (SAFI) located within the Mtalimanja Village of Malawi. The SAFI program provides resources to families in Malawi, and encourages independence by teaching proper sustainable farming, fishing, irrigation, sustainable farming, and nutrition techniques. 2017 marked the 10th anniversary of SAFI with more than 35 families completing and graduating from the program. 


Nu Skin is a family made up of sales leaders, employees, and consumers all over the world. Our global network amplifies our charitable efforts which impacts millions of people worldwide each year. Our company mantra to "Discover the Best You" is evident in our ability to consistently provide the best culture, products, and people in the direct sales, skin care, and wellness industries year after year. Thank you for being a part of our 2017 Global Impact! We look forward to reflecting on 2018 and continuing to be a Force for Good.