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Tri-Phasic Bright Cleanser

Sku: 01002276

100 mL / 3.4 Fl Oz

This pearlescent, moisturizing mousse cleanses and brightens skin for a fresh, luminous appearance. Featuring creatinine, a naturally derived compound that reduces visible skin discoloration, this cleanser works to improve skin tone and texture, ultimately brightening your complexion.

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Why You'll Love It

Improve skin tone and texture, leaving skin feeling silky-soft

  • Helps diminish appearance of skin discoloration
  • Gentle enough for all skin types

Tri-Phasic Bright is a comprehensive skin brightening system containing five products that target all three critical phases of the discoloration process. The Tri-Phasic Bright Cleanser contains creatinine, which specifically targets phase II of discoloration on the surface of your skin. It is a naturally derived compound that reduces visible skin discoloration while helping to improve and brighten skin tone for a fresh, glistening appearance.  For the full benefits of our Tri-Phasic Bright line, use this moisturizing cleanser with the Tri-Phasic Bright Toner, Essence, Day Milk Lotion, and Night Cream.

  • Moisten face and neck with warm water. Work a small amount of cleanser into a light lather and gently massage over face and neck, avoiding eye area. Rinse thoroughly with warm water and pat dry.
    Tri-Phasic Bright Cleanser is gentle and safe for use with other Nu Skin products. However, to achieve a brighter complexion, we recommend to use Tri-Phasic Bright Cleanser as part of the entire Tri-Phasic Bright System.
    Tri-Phasic Bright Cleanser is gentle enough for all skin types.