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ageLOC® R² Day (Vitality)

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Starting today, you have the power to feel young again. ageLOC R² is a powerful product combination that works by targeting gene expression patterns related to cellular purification and cellular energy production. Optimize each cell’s natural purification process and cellular energy production to help you recharge and take control of a new day.

Why You'll Love It

Superior cellular purification and energy production

  • Targets the sources of aging.*
  • Promotes youthful gene expression related to cellular purification and cellular energy production.*
  • Helps you feel younger and more vibrant—renewed and recharged.*

Aging. You can’t avoid it, but now you can take control of how you feel.

As you age, your body’s ability to effectively generate and utilize energy declines. This loss of vitality is a result of cellular change, and these natural changes diminish your cells’ ability to function at their peak and deter your ability to feel youthful and vibrant.

ageLOC R² is the solution. ageLOC science targets the very sources of aging—in this case, gene expression patterns related to cellular purification and cellular energy production. Taken in the morning, ageLOC R² Day optimizes cellular energy production to help you recharge and take control of a new day. Taken in the evening, ageLOC R² Night optimizes each cell’s natural purification process, helping you start the next day feeling refreshed and renewed. Two supplements, countless powerful benefits, an incredible innovation of anti-aging nutrition.

Renew and recharge with ageLOC R².

      Key ingredients

      ageLOC R2

      ageLOC R2 ingredients were selected using a truly unique and cutting-edge process that begins by comparing gene expression patterns to identify specific age-related gene expression changes connected to cellular energy production and cellular purification. Once specific sets of function-related genes were identified, dozens of natural compounds were screened in vivo in laboratory studies. Based on this screening process, we selected only the ingredients that modulated the relevant gene expression toward more youthful patterns.

      • ageLOC R² balances two interconnected aspects of youthfulness: cellular energy production and cellular purification. ageLOC R² Day targets cellular energy production. ageLOC R² Night targets cellular purification. Optimal cell purification rids cells of toxins and waste that can clutter the intracellular domain and impede cell functions. Cellular energy production provides the energy necessary for this function. ageLOC R² combines the benefits of cellular purification and cellular energy production to promote cells that function more youthfully.
      • ageLOC R² is designed to be taken on an alternating morning/evening schedule. Take six capsules of ageLOC R² Day in the morning to support cellular energy production throughout the day. Take two capsules of ageLOC R² Night in the evening to support cellular purification as your body renews itself throughout the night. You can take both ageLOC R² Day and ageLOC R² Night with or without meals.
      • ageLOC R² supports purification and energy production at the cellular level. Because ageLOC R² works with the cell’s own purification and energy production systems, it is safe for long-term use.*
      • *Keep out of reach of children. If you are pregnant, lactating, or taking a prescription medication, consult a physician prior to using this product. Do not use if safety seal is broken or missing. May contain soy.
      • **These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.