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Nu Skin is constantly innovating ways for you to build your business. We do this to ensure that you have the best opportunity to succeed and achieve your goals with Nu Skin.

Whether it’s our breakthrough ageLOC science, world-class anti-ageing products, revolutionary Sales Compensation Plan or our new mobile apps, we always have and always will innovate. Here are just a few of the corporate resources available for you to build your business:


YouTube Channel
Did you know that Nu Skin has a YouTube channel where you can view and share all of our Nu Skin videos for free? Please visit here to start watching now.


Business Cards and More
What better way to get your business started and leave your contact information with everyone you talk to than with your own Nu Skin business cards. Log in to My Office to find business cards, posters and more tools to help you look professional with your Nu Skin business.


Marketing Materials
We want to make sure that you have the best resources available to help you succeed. We have created a vast array of marketing material to support your every need. Please take some time to visit My Office and to see all the different marketing material we offer to help you every step of the way.  


Nu Skin Mobile App
The Nu Skin Mobile App provides a quick and portable option for sharing the Nu Skin business and product opportunity. The application is designed to serve as a full service app where you can shop, share presentations, track volumes and genealogy, view the latest Nu Skin videos and sign up new Customers and Distributors from your mobile device. This application is available on iPad, iPhone and Android mobile platforms.


Customer Support Department
Our Customer Service Representative is here to help you with any needs you may have with your Nu Skin account or business. They process orders, new signups, shipping inquiries, technical support questions and much more. Nu Skin’s support team consistently ranks at the top of the industry and is one of our many competitive advantages. Find their contact information here.


Distributor Support
This department is here to help with any commission-specific inquires you may have about your Distributor account. They can help explain details about the Sales Compensation Plan and any specific inquiries you have regarding your commission payments, bonuses, qualifications, etc. Find their contact information here.


Product Support
The product support team is here to support you with any scientific questions you may have about Nu Skin and Pharmanex products. We know that it’s difficult to know every answer to every question you receive about our product offerings, so we provide this support team to make sure you have a corporate resource for these inquiries (we also provide many of these resources on each product page of our website). Every member of the team has a science degree and has been extensively trained on the science behind Nu Skin and Pharmanex products to ensure that you receive the scientific support that you need to build your business. Contact them by sending an email via the help page here.


Executive Support
Once you achieve Executive status, we provide you with a personal Account Manager. Your Account Manager is perhaps the most important person to get to know at the company. Our team of Account Managers does not replace the role of your upline; rather, they aim to exceed your expectations by providing you with business support every step of the way. More specifically, your Account Manager can provide you with key performance indicators pertaining to the state of your business, the latest news from the company, lucrative incentives and bonuses, commission payments, information regarding Nu Skin’s Sales Compensation Plan, as well as case by case follow-ups with respect to your business needs.


Online Tutorials
Visit our tutorial section to view step-by-step instruction on how to use our website.


Social Media Resources
Besides the YouTube channel listed above, Nu Skin also has Facebook pages and a Flickr account.


The Source
The Source is the place to go to be in the Nu Skin know. Read entries from Nu Skin Corporate Executives, enjoy feature articles updated daily, see the latest pictures from Nu Skin events, view corporate videos, read about Nu Skin in the media, and follow us on social media.


Volumes and Genealogy (V&G)
V&G is your personal resource to track your monthly volume activity. View commission statements, follow your organisation, keep track of volumes and learn everything you need to know in order to grow and track your business. Log in to your account through My Office.


When you sign up with Nu Skin you are automatically entered into our email subscription. Watch your inbox for the latest information about the company, promotions, news and other updates. This is one of our primary ways of communicating to you, so be sure to check for updates often.