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What's Automatic Delivery Rewards Subscription?


Your favourite Nu Skin products, auto-delivered on a recurring basis, with extra benefits to boot.


The Automatic Delivery Rewards Subscription, or ADR Subscription, is a programme allowing you to receive products monthly or every two months - you make the choice. As part of this subscription, you get to earn product points for every purchase above 50 SV you can later convert into a redemption order for products! Just choose the products you want and the day you'd like your order to be processed - we'll automatically handle it and bring it straight to your door!




Auto-deliver your Nu Skin favourites

Earn product points redeemable for products

Easily manage your ADR Subscription online

Choose single products or ADR Subscription packages





When is ADR Subscription the best choice?

When you use one of our Beauty Device systems to get their companion products on a recurring basis.

When you regularly take our Pharmanex supplements to never run out of your favourite products.

When some products are part of your daily beauty routine.

When you want to maximise the benefits you can get with your ADR Subscription order.





How do I create an ADR Subscription?


Setting up an ADR Subscription is just like buying a product. Add available products to your ADR Subscription. You simply need to follow the quick step guide below!




Find the product you want, choose the quantity and simply click on the ADR Subscription button. Log into your account or create one and go to checkout.





Fill in your preferred shipping and payment method and choose when you’d like us to process your order. If you prefer your order to be handled immediately, we’ll automatically choose today’s date. If you decide to ship it later, you’ll get to select another day. 





Once you've agreed to our Terms and Conditions we'll automatically handle it each month and bring it straight to your door unless you choose to skip or reschedule deliveries.



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What are the ADR Subscription benefits?







What can I do with product points


Every time you process an ADR Subscription of min 50 SV successfully, you earn product points*. These points vary as per the value of the product. You can check the pricelist for more details.


Now once you reach a certain amount of product points, that’s when the fun begins. You can start redeeming them for products as per the Terms and Conditions! Here are some examples:



Create an ADR Subscription for one of our top sellers, LifePak+.
LifePak+ equals 67.55 SV**, by adding it to your monthly ADR Subscription you earn 20% of that SV in product points every (active) month, that can be redeemed the following month for a product up to 13.51 SV value. For instance, you may redeem your product points for a NaPCA Moisture Mist, or an Epoch Ava Puhi Moni Shampoo & Light Conditioner or an AP 24 Whitening Toothpaste from your next month's order

Create an ADR Subscription for our ageLOC "Face & Body" ADR Package.
The ageLOC "Face & Body" ADR Package equals 118.75 SV**. By adding it to your monthly ADR Subscription you earn 20% of that SV in product points every (active) month, that can be redeemed the following month for a product up to 23.75 SV value. For instance, you may redeem your product points for an Epoch Glacial Marine Mud, or a Nutricentials Here You GLow Exfoliating Toner or a Nutricentials Brighter Day Exfoliant Scrub with your next month's order.



* Product points show up on your nu skin account and are redeemable for products from the 1st of next month

** Sales Volumes (“SV”) is a point system used to compare the relative value of Products with each Product being assigned a specific amount of points of SV. The corresponding SV for each Product is marked on the specific product page and in the Pricelist, both available on your local Nu Skin website (for Brand Affiliates and Members).



Individual products or ADR Subscription packages with great deals?


Create an ADR Subscription with your favourite products or select one of our ADR Subscription packages consisting of top seller products to enjoy even more benefits!


Don’t forget: No minimum product purchases are required to participate in the ADR Subscription Programme. To enjoy benefits, a minimum 50 SV volume is required every month when it is processed. Plus, if you reach minimum R 4,999.00 value (VAT inclusive), you will also enjoy free shipping! Ready to roll with us?





Nu Skin product lines are focused on various skincare and beauty needs for your face as well as your body. Pharmanex product lines are supplements providing targeted nutrients for specific nutritional needs, plus a wellbeing programme. Choose the ADR subscription packages for best combinations of products for the best price!



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How do I manage my ADR Subscription?


Feel like a change? No problem - you can easily add or remove products from your ADR Subscription, change the date you'd like it to be processed, skip a shipment, or cancel it completely any time you choose (processing times apply), all at the click of a button.





Use this feature when you want to receive your order sooner then it's scheduled date.

Go to your Manage ADR Subscription page, edit your order and submit.



Use this feature when you want to hold a month’s order.


Go to your Manage ADR Subscription page and click on Skip a Shipment button, confirm your request.








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