Scan Card Overview

Scan Card Overview

What is the Scan Card?
The Scan Card is required for a scan with the Pharmanex Biophotonic Scanner. This card is reusable and once activated, it can be used to track your monthly scan score as a LIFETIME benefit—as long as you stay on your qualified Pharmanex product ADR.* There are two parts to the Scan Card—a large card (similar in size to a credit card) and a small card that you can attach to your key ring. Both of these will have the same bar coded certificate number, allowing a single user to use either card for a scan.


How do I receive my own Scan Card?

Scan Cards can be obtained from a Scanner Operator when you scan for the first time.


How does the Scan Card work?
After you receive your first scan, you will need to activate the card by association to your ADR number. Once the card is activated it can be used monthly for a tracked scan for as long as you continue your qualified Pharmanex product ADR.*


How do I activate my Scan Card?
1) Log in to your existing ADR account, or create a new ADR account.

If you already have an ADR account, click here.

To create a new ADR account, click here.


2) Under the “My Account” drop-down menu, click “Manage ADR”.

Note: Your ADR must include qualified Pharmanex product in order to activate your Scan Card.


3) Locate the “Scan Cards” section in the lower left-hand corner of the Manage Your ADR page, then click “Add/Edit Scan Card”.


a. Locate the barcode with number on the reverse side of your new Scan Card. Enter this number exactly as it appears on your card, no spaces.

Note: If you have previous initial scan certificates already associated to your ADR, the old number(s) should be removed and replaced with your new Scan Card number(s).


b. Enter the name of the person who will be using the Scan Card for their scan membership.




c. Write the corresponding name on the back signature strip of the Scan Card.


d. Click “Save Changes”.



How do I view my results?

To view your Scanner score history, click here.


If you have any questions regarding the Scan Card, please contact our Sales Support Staff at 1-800-487-1000.


*A qualified Pharmanex ADR includes at least one of the following products: LifePak® Nano, LifePak®, LifePak® Prime , LifePak® Women, and/or g3. ADR orders containing the Jungamals SCS product or g3 Pouches are guaranteed to raise SCS scores but are not included in monthly score tracking with the Scan Card.