About Nu Skin Singapore

About Nu Skin Singapore




Nu Skin Enterprises is a premier anti-aging company that develops and distributes a comprehensive line of beauty, wellness solutions and health supplements. Our innovative product brands include the Nu Skin® anti aging skin care personal care brand, the Pharmanex® nutrition brand, and most recently, the ageLOC® anti-aging brand. The ageLOC brand has generated a loyal following for products such as the ageLOC Y-Span nutritional supplement, the ageLOC Me® customized skin care system, the ageLOC Galvanic Spa for an at-home spa experience, as well as the ageLOC TR90® weight management and body shaping system.


Nu Skin products are sold through a global network of Nu Skin distributors using the direct selling channel of person-to-person marketing to promote and sell our products. You can sign up to be a Nu Skin distributor or opt to be a product lover to enjoy using the products.


As a Nu Skin distributor, you will have the chance to build your Nu Skin business and be a successful entrepreneur. In over 30 years, Nu Skin has helped thousands of people live healthier younger lives. We've also helped many people realize their dreams and most of all - helped them discover their best selves!