Our Donors


36 Bags of VitaMeal

Benjamin R Old


35 Bags of VitaMeal 

Abraham Min & Sun Mee Min

Sid, Merilyn & Tanya Plant


33 Bags of VitaMeal 

Katherin K Tam


32 Bags of VitaMeal

Rosalie R Rudd


24 Bags of VitaMeal

Djo-Hamma Croze



Nu Skin is a for-profit distributor of nutritional and skin care products and is traded on the New York Stock Exchange (NUS). Nourish the Children is an initiative of Nu Skin and is registered in some states as a commercial co-venture. The initiative enables Nu Skin’s sales leaders and customers to purchase VitaMeal from Nu Skin and donate it to charitable organizations to help solve the complex world problem of feeding malnourished children. The price of VitaMeal includes the cost of manufacturing, general overhead, distribution and sales. As is the case with other Nu Skin products, distributors are paid commissions and Nu Skin earns a profit margin from each sale of VitaMeal.