Nu Skin Products for Pollution

Air quality concerns and pollution are growing in our more industrialised world. While this used to be a matter primarily for urban areas, poor air quality is global (1). As such, anti-pollution claims in personal care products are also growing, and there is a reason to be looking for such products.


Air pollution can indeed impact skin. Just as skin is varied, its response to air quality is varied. For some, skin may become dry and dull; yet others may experience discolouration and uneven skin tone; wrinkles; and/or fine lines. Some may experience acne, oily and/or sensitive skin (2). It is understood that pollution is capable of damaging the skin barrier and depleting vitamin E and squalene levels. Of note, squalene is one of the natural lipids produced by the body to protect and lubricate skin.


Nu Skin has some products within its portfolio that although may not be positioned for concerns in pollution, they can still have benefits it protecting against its affects. The simplest way to combat pollution is to effectively remove it daily. Cleansers, exfoliating scrubs and masks have this mechanism of action. ageLOC® LumiSpa® (with its varied treatment cleansers for different skin types) is perfectly suited for this. It not only effectively cleanses the skin but also has an exfoliating effect. Its ability to move the skin allows the treatment cleansers to more effectively enter pores and clean deeper into these orifices. The exfoliation (or removal of top skin cells) ensures the surface is clean including particles that may be adhered to the surface.


Products with absorbent materials, like kaolin clay, bentonite clay, etc. are commonly used in anti-pollution products. These clays are understood to absorb toxins (3). Nu Skin's Polishing Peel contains bentonite clay which exfoliates the skin. Clay Pack contains kaolin clay to help absorb oils and debris from the skin. Both of these products with their absorbent clays can help draw toxins, including particulate matter, from the skin and allow them to be rinsed away.



Tru Face Revealing Gel
contains poly hydroxy acids including lactobionic acid. This ingredient is an antioxidant chelator (4). It is actually used to preserve organs that are being transplanted (5)


ageLOC True Face Essence Ultra Uplifiting Cream is another product that can help protect against pollution. This product contains a blend of ingredients such as kappaphycus alvarezii and caesalpinia spinosa extracts, that form a protective layer over the skin. This has been shown to decrease the adhension of particulate matter to the skin after rinsing. 


The great thing about these products is they can easily be combined into a skin care system or if you are already enjoying a Nu Skin regimen, these can easily be added to it. There is no reason to feel as if you have to use all of these, each will benefit your skin in your fight against the effects of pollution.



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