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The Nu Skin Family Visits Malawi 2017

A group of Malawi children pose for a picture as they attend the School for Agriculture For Family Independence graduation.


In June, a group of Nu Skin sales leaders from around the globe spent a week in Malawi. In addition, a group of employees  joined with our family of sales leaders and executives for the first time in Nu Skin’s history! There they were able to see the results of Nu Skin's efforts, through the Force for Good Foundation and the Nourish the Children initiative, to bolster the country and its people.   


The groups  attended the annual School for Agriculture for Family Independence (SAFI) graduation.  Attendees celebrated with the graduating families and learned about the success of the current farmers and graduates who learn and incorporate agricultural techniques. "I’m thrilled to be part of such an exciting time for these families,” says Andrea Christensen, a member of the Nu Skin family who organised the trip for the employee group. “This school has such an impact on the lives of these families and hope for a better future. It was amazing to see that!” They also visited communities that have been changed by the Children's Brighter Future initiative.


SAFI graduates hold their certificates up as they pose for a picture.


In addition to these heart-warming experiences, attendees also had the opportunity to tour the Madalitso Plant that produces thousands of bags of VitaMeal every month. Another highlight of the trip was to visit the Mtendere Orphanage. It is here that students receive VitaMeal daily during school. Here, attendees will be able to distribute VitaMeal to the children. “I’m very excited I was able to visit the orphanage,” says Clark Warnick, an employee who has been with Nu Skin for 28 years. “To see first-hand how my contribution, and that of so many others, has benefitted the lives of these children was very special to me.” 


A group of Malawi children sit on the ground holding bags of Nu Skin VitaMeal.


“It is both heart-warming and gratifying to see the good that is being done by the Nu Skin family in the lives of these incredible children,” said Ruth Todd, Nu Skin Vice President of Public Affairs. “So many times, during our week in Africa, people will feel overwhelmed with gratitude for all of the good Nu Skin sales leaders, customers, and employees have contributed to this great work in Malawi. There is still much to do, but because of their generosity, we are off to a great start.”   


We express our thanks for the continued support and donations to these programs. Malawian families are benefitting greatly by the generosity of many. 


“I am deeply touched to see the far reach that our Nu Skin Distributor’s and customers have had in being a force for good in Malawi”, says John Hobby, the Vice President of Sales and Operations for the Pacific. “We really are changing lives over there. From our visit we witnessed villages full of smiles, laughter, song and dance, thanks to the fact that they were fed daily from these generous Vitameal donations. I am inspired by the structure which Nu Skin has established in Malawi to not only hand out food, but to drive local communities to self-sufficiency and lifelong health. We are doing so much good, yet there is so much more we can do as we continue to promote such a worthy cause.”


A Nu Skin sales leader sits with Malawi children as they receive bags of VitaMeal.


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