Dealing with Sunscreen and Sunburns Simply


It’s summer, which means an increase in outdoor activities at the beach, in the mountains, at the park, or in your own yard. It also could mean plenty of sunscreen is being used, which builds up on the skin. Even worse, if you don’t properly use sunscreen, it could also mean painful, damaging sunburns. How do you keep your skin youthful after a day in the sun? Here are some helpful tips that will help remove sunscreen and relieve sunburn.


Removing Sunscreen


The base of sunscreen formulations combined with perspiration, dirt, chlorine, or salt can build up on your skin leaving it feeling sticky and grimy. However, the solution is not to wear less sunscreen. Dermatologists warn that most people use too little sunscreen, so apply it liberally and regularly, but make sure to wash off all sunscreen thoroughly afterward. If left on the skin, these products can clog pores, lead to breakouts and potentially block your skin from absorbing hydrating lotions you may apply later. To remove sunscreen, you may want to exfoliate the skin. Using soap and warm water, gently scrub your skin in circular motions with a wash towel or exfoliant. Remember to apply a moisturizing lotion afterward.


Relieving Sunburn


If you did not put on enough sunscreen, or forgot to reapply, you may suffer from sunburn. The redness or erythema associated with sunburns is equivalent to a first-degree burn. This can leave the skin feeling tender or sensitive. Aloe vera is a good option to provide some relief from the pain and itching. Once the erythema (redness and tenderness) has dissipated, you may want to exfoliate to scrub away damaged or dead skin cells to stimulate your skin’s natural rejuvenating process. Using warm water and an exfoliating soap, gently scrub in circular motions. Pat your skin dry with a towel, and don’t forget to use a moisturizing lotion with aloe vera or other skin-healing ingredients.


Nu Skin has a variety of products that will exfoliate, help prevent photodamage, and provide your skin with the moisture it needs to restore it back to its youthful look and feel.


Have you tried these Nu Skin products?


Facial Scrub - A high-power exfoliator that uses ground walnut shell powder to smooth the skin’s surface.


Exfoliant Scrub - An exfoliant that uses natural marine diatoms to gently smooth the skin’s surface.


Liquid Body Lufra- An allover body exfoliate that gently eases away dead skin cells and excess oil to give your skin a healthy, polished appearance and feel.


Epoch Polishing Bar – Containing Sisku’pas, the ground bark of a coastal conifer treasured by the Cowlitz tribe of the Pacific Northwest,  which was used for its skin buffing effects


Enhancer - A light hydrator that soothes chapped, chaffed or sunburned skin


NaPCA Mouisture Mist - Packed with natural moisture-binding ingredients, this formula keeps your skin feeling fresh.


Body Smoother - This quick-absorbing body lotion locks in moisture to prevent tightness while nourishing skin with aloe vera, algae extract, and vitamins A and E.


Rejuvenating Cream- Drenches skin in soothing moisture, improving the skin’s moisture-binding capabilities


180 UV Block/Defense Hydrator - Formulated with photosomes -- enzymes derived from marine plankton-- helps diminish the signs of aging.


180 Night Complex – Features creatine to promote recovery from damage caused by exposure to environmental stressors.


Perennial - An allover body moisturizer providing resiliency, and increased moisture retention with a fragrance-free formula


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