Compliment Your Active Life with Epoch IceDancer

Nu Skin IceDancer

Epoch® IceDancer® has been used to cool and soothe achy legs since its launch in 2001. It was created in anticipation for the 2002 Olympic winter games in Salt Lake City and given to competing athletes. IceDancer is particularly useful for figure skaters and ice dancers because the light gel can be applied over nylons without a sticky mess or worry of staining.


However, the use of the key ingredient in IceDancer on sore legs goes back much further. Native American men spent long days and nights on their feet while hunting in the wild, resulting in tired, achy legs long before they could afford to rest. In the Northwestern United States, these hunters found instant relief when they rubbed natural wild mint (menthe arvensis) leaves directly on their legs. This left their legs feeling revitalized and invigorated to continue hunting. As an ethnobotanical ingredient, natural wild mint, is featured in Epoch IceDancer to revive, stimulate and refresh tired legs after exercise or a long day of work.


Menthe arvensis, or menthol, cools the skin when topically applied. When legs are tired and achy, they tend to feel heavy and hot. Applying cooling ingredients like menthol can then soothe and invigorate legs again.


So whether you are competing in this year’s winter games or watching the events after a long day, you can still revive your fatigued legs with Epoch IceDancer.


K.C. Holley