Can I Use ageLOC Transformation If I Have Rosacea?

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Can I Use ageLOC Transformation If I Have Rosacea?

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Although ageLOC Transformation is not targeted specifically for those with Rosacea, this system of products has been designed for all skin types, including those with sensitive skin. It is important to note, however, that every person’s skin is different, and some people may be sensitive to certain ingredients while other people with sensitive skin are not. 


For this reason Nu Skin recommends that individuals with sensitive skin, existing skin conditions, or allergies use caution when trying new products. For these consumers Nu Skin recommends checking product compatibility by a pre-use skin test.  Apply product in a small, inconspicuous area, such as behind the ear, before applying products to the entire face or body, and monitor for sensitivity for 24-48 hours.


Additionally, people who have allergies to a specific ingredient should carefully check product labels for ingredients that might cause sensitivity before using any product.  Of course, all products should be used only as recommended.


Here are some other Nu Skin product recommendations, not designed specifically for those with Rosacea, but that may provide benefits for that skin type:


· Epoch Calming Touch Soothing Skin Cream- featuring yarrow and the powerful skin calming benefits of jewelweed, this soothing botanical brings long sought after relief to those experiencing red, rashy, itchy , or scaly, dry skin. more


· Celtrex Ultra Recovery Fluid – featuring patented hydroxytyrosol—a powerful anti-oxidant from extra virgin olive oil-- this nourishing serum calms and protects skin by scavenging free radicals and protects your skin on the cellular level. more


· Creamy Cleansing Lotion - keeps even the driest, most sensitive skin soft and hydrated while gentle, soap-free cleansers remove debris and pollution. more


· Moisture Restore Day Lotion SPF 15 for Normal to Dry Skin - a high-performance lotion that hydrates, protects, and promotes vibrant, healthy-looking skin all day, every day. more