Get Ready to Bare Your Soles

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Most people look forward to warmer weather when they can wear their sandals and flip flops. However, hiding dry, cracked, unsightly feet becomes difficult after keeping them covered through the winter. Moisturizers relieve dry skin, but may not provide the best results for dry, cracked soles.  


Epoch Sole Solutions was formulated to restore healthy looking skin on the feet by targeting the underlying cause of rough, dry, cracked soles. Formulated with the urea, papain, and the ethnobotanical ingredient crushed allspice berry, this is not just a moisturizer. Urea is not only able to provide rich hydration, but it helps exfoliate skin cells like those found on thick calluses on heels, toes and soles. Papain is a proteolytic enzyme from papaya, which breaks down proteins and can help loosen thick, rough patches of dead skin. The allspice berry was traditionally used by indigenous people in the rainforests of Central America, who applied it to their cracked, red skin on their feet to relieve these persistent symptoms.


A clinical evaluation of the efficacy of a urea and glycerin topical formulation’s impact on dry, cracked feet was conducted in 2005. All subjects showed remarkable improvements in their foot condition, particularly those with the most severe conditions.

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Similar studies show that Epoch Sole Solution can bring about improvements quickly. In just a few weeks of daily use, healthier skin is restored and feet are ready for sandals, flip-flops, or to go bare.

sole solution