The Water Miracle You’ve Been Waiting For



Essence of Life
Gifted by nature to create life, water is intrinsic to our physiology. Water makes up 60%1 of our body composition. Water is essential for bodily functions as basic as respiration, metabolism, and even down to the microscopic level of sustaining cell life. But this miracle that water performs is finite – the average adult loses about 2.5 litres2 of water daily as they breathe and sweat. In fact, a mere 2% drop3 in their body’s water supply may trigger signs of mild dehydration! Dehydration hinders physical and mental capability, often triggering body fatigue, headaches, poor attention, memory and even mood. So next time when you think about skipping that glass of water, think again!


Water Safety
While getting the appropriate amount of water is essential, the quality of your water is also important. Although a glass of water may appear to be clean and safe, the honest truth is that invisible bacteria and viruses may already be residing within. Our water may also be contaminated with harmful chemicals caused by industrial and agriculture pollution as well as aged water supply infrastructure. 



Did you know?

Though boiling water kills organic microorganisms such as bacteria and viruses, it does nothing for synthetic chemicals. On the contrary, boiling water actually may increase concentration4 of the chemical toxicity by evaporating away pure water.


Danger At Home

In Southeast Asia, the World Health Organization cited, amongst water quality problems, contamination of drinking-water sources by disease-causing microorganisms remains top priority5.  When danger invades the personal comforts of your homes, its affects extend beyond individual health and safety. Aging parents, growing children and especially vulnerable newborns are also at risk.



Health Opportunity
But fret not! The opportunity for clean, safe, healthy water is here. Nu Skin is bringing our innovative technology into your homes so you can enjoy clean, safe water that is free from everyday toxins, contaminants and pathogens. Our new lifestyle household brand EcoSphere is set to launch the first-ever water purifier in Nu Skin’s history! Purifying away the dangers of contamination to ensure the cleanliness and safety of your drinking water, EcoSphere Water Purifier is poised to be your trusted guardian at home.


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