Nu Skin LIVE is Going Green


Are you coming to L!VE, Oct. 9-11? You won’t want to miss the exciting performances, speakers, and initiatives that will occur. Plus, we will need your help, in achieving our sustainability goals that we have set for L!VE. Nu Skin is excited to share with you two sustainability goals specifically for the event.


First, we’re proud to announce that the entire, three-day event – across three of the largest venues in Utah - is 100 percent Energy Neutral! This means we’ve offset 160 metric tons of carbon emissions is the equivalent of 1,299,919 miles driven by an average passenger vehicle - ensuring that the footprint we leave here is a positively green one!  Pretty, cool, huh. 


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This year, in efforts to offset the event's energy footprint, Nu Skin LIVE and all of the venues involved (Nu Skin campus, Vivint Arena and Salt Palace) will be entirely energy neutral through Solar Renewable Energy Credits. Through this program, we estimate offsetting more than 160 metric tons of carbon emissions.  


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Second Nu Skin is also working to divert 75 percent of the event's waste from the landfill by reusing, recovering, recycling and donating materials that would normally go to the trash including food, materials, swag, event props, etc. Through these waste-reducing efforts, Nu Skin is supporting Utah Food Services and its food rescue initiatives by donating all possible excess food to local organizations.  


We plan to make recycling easy for you. Think Green and when you see recycling bins at all three locations please put paper, plastic, aluminum and other recyclable materials in the bins. It’s with your help that we will be able to hit our goals. We can’t do it without you, so please recycling and think green. 

This is all a part of Nu Skin's ongoing commitment to sustainability.  Join with us, as we strive to make a difference and strive to be good global citizens.