Bridging Dreams in North Asia

North Asia Convention
North Asia Convention 2

Nu Skin held its North Asia Regional Convention this month at one of Japan’s largest venues, Tokyo Dome. The convention marked an important first in Nu Skin’s history, bringing together sales leaders from both Japan and South Korea in the two-day joint event. An enthusiastic group of nearly 25,000 came together in response to the call “it’s your time to shine.”


The theme of convention, “Bridging Dreams,” reminded attendees of the important role they serve in the company. By empowering people and improving lives, devoted sales leaders and distributors are the connection to the future of Nu Skin.  

North Asia Convention 3

Sales leaders were recognized for their contributions and invited to participate in the “Be. Duplicate. Multiply Stars” Party.  This celebration of success centered on the idea that once you become a “star”, you then have the opportunity to grow your business and create more stars. The party focused on prior successes and provided an opportunity to set the necessary goals to carry that success into the future.

North Asia Convention 4

Some of the convention’s highlights included the Dream Festival, live music show by world premier artists, and superstar show. 

North Asia Convention 5

Prior to convention, sales leaders were encouraged to snap a photo of their dreams and motivations at any of the 4 experience centers in Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, and Fukuoka. These photos were then shared at the convention’s Dream Booth.

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