A Recap of Our 2017 Malawi Trip


In June 2017, a group of our Nu Skin sales leaders, executives and employees had the privilege of traveling to Malawi to interact with the local people and see firsthand the heartwarming results of our Nu Skin Force for Good (FFG) Foundation projects and Nourish the Children (NTC) initiative. Among their several experiences in Malawi, the group visited communities changed by the Children’s Brighter Future initiative, attended the annual School of Agriculture for Family Independence (SAFI) graduation and visited the VitaMeal plant. Members of our Nu Skin family from around the globe who attended were moved by the experiences they had and returned to their home countries with a rekindled resolve to be a force for good in the world. Following is a brief recap of the group’s daily activities along with photos from the trip.






Attendees dove right into the local culture, visiting a Community-based Child Care (CBCC) school where locals greeted their Nu Skin guests with warm smiles and traditional African song and dance. In turn, the group played games with the children, saw what they learned in the classroom and served some VitaMeal to the children. Then everyone visited the VitaMeal plant to see how VitaMeal is made and played with children at the nearby Mtendere Orphanage. Guests were privileged to share gifts they had brought with the children at the CBCC and orphanage.


Nu Skin employees pose for a picture with children at a community-based child care center in Malawi.


Nu Skin employees and sales leaders pose for a picture in front of the VitaMeal plant in Malawi.




On the second day of the trip, attendees traveled to SAFI. Upon arrival at the SAFI campus, the group was greeted by Goodwell Ndiwo Banda, the director of SAFI. He gave an introduction to the SAFI program, explaining how the school operates and how a multitude of families have benefited from studying there over the years. The group then toured the campus and were instructed on the various farming techniques taught there. After lunch, the group visited a local village where they met a family that had studied at SAFI and had brought their agricultural knowledge back to their village. The skills they learned at SAFI have proven to be of great benefit to their family and their community.


Nu Skin sales leaders and employees pose for a picture with Malawi children.


School of Agriculture for Family Independence painted on the wall above an entryway.




On Day 3 of their visit, attendees ventured to several villages, including Malimbwe and Mkwaila. Each village was home to families and communities who have benefitted from the Children's Brighter Future (CBF) initiative. Upon arrival, locals greeted the group with traditional song and dance, as well as a word of welcome from the village chief. Shortly after, the group was escorted throughout the village to see its agricultural techniques at work. These techniques included rotational gardening, energy saving stoves, fruit trees, livestock and more.


Nu Skin employees playing with children in Malawi and walking with children while holding their hands.


Nu Skin Founder Steve Lund in a group of Malawi children.




The fourth day of the trip was a very special day for our group of Nu Skin employees, sales leaders and executives. These individuals enjoyed the privilege of attending the SAFI graduation ceremony for the Class of 2017. In addition to our Nu Skin family, the audience also consisted of Malawi government representatives, educators, family, friends and nearby villagers. Local performing artists joined in the celebration, and the graduates danced as they walked up to receive their diplomas.


 Nu Skin Founder Steve Lund speaks at the School of Agriculture for Family Independence graduation


Nu Skin Founder Steve Lund and Nu Skin employees pose for a picture with recent SAFI graduates.




On the final day of the trip, attendees explored another CBCC in a village called Mchewere. Here, 155 young children (aged 3-5, from 5 villages) attend school daily. The group was given a brief tour of the village, including the schoolhouse and VitaMeal storage facility. Following the tour, the group had the opportunity to serve the children some VitaMeal. Before departing, the group presented gifts for the children to enjoy.


Nu Skin employees pose for a picture while sitting on a bench


Nu Skin employee takes a selfie with a large group of Malawi children behind him posing for a picture.


Our time spent in Malawi was made complete by warm smiles, welcoming hearts and uniting as a global family. We thank the gracious people of Malawi for hosting our Nu Skin family this June and look forward to continued opportunities to help support the people of Malawi for years to come.