2018 Pacific Convention Highlights


This month, over 1,000 Pacific Sales Leaders and Customers attended the 2018 Nu Skin Pacific Convention in Sydney. It was a beautiful, exciting and energetic weekend at the International Convention Centre in Sydney, Australia. The theme of the event reflected Nu Skin’s global movement of “Join the You Revolution,” an anthem cry that was felt throughout the weekend through inspiring stories of Nu Skin entrepreneurs and happy customers who have transformed their lives through Nu Skin’s innovative product line-up.


Guest VIP attendance included Ryan Napierski, President, Nu Skin Enterprises, Inc., Tyler Whitehead, President of the Americas-Pacific Region, and Molly Nielsen, Nu Skin Product Education Manager. In Ryan’s motivating address to the Pacific region, he discussed Nu Skin’s global growth strategy as well as economic trends from around the globe that lead to an unparalleled confidence that Nu Skin is perfectly placed. Nu Skin’s sales programs, product portfolio and communication platforms in 2018 and beyond make it an exciting time to be a part of the “You Revolution”.



In Ryan’s own words, “I was thrilled to be with the Pacific in Sydney and am excited at the energy that I felt from our time together. Nu Skin Pacific has enjoyed wonderful growth over the last two years, and I sense we are only at the beginning of this exciting expansion. Let’s continue to change lives as we share our products and offer this life changing opportunity to everyone.”



The Pacific Convention was also a prime opportunity to discover Nu Skin’s product lines that will be released in the Pacific region throughout the coming months. From the Dr. Dana Nail Renewal System, to ageLOC Tru Face Essence Duet and ageLOC Tru Face Essence Uplifting Cream, to new shades of Powerlips Fluid, there is a variety of new product offerings to look forward to. Convention Guests were so thrilled with the products being offered, it took three trips back to the warehouse for stock replenishments to satisfy their needs!



But as Ryan mentioned, it was the ENERGY of the Pacific Sales Leaders that made the weekend one to remember. Pacific Conventions are only done once every two years, and our Sales Leaders certainly made the most of the 2018 Nu Skin Pacific Convention.


Until next time, the You Revolution will certainly take this Pacific event to even further heights.



To see more photos from the trip, visit the Nu Skin Pacific Facebook page.