The Southeast Asia Children’s Heart Fund Helped more than 440 Children

Muhamad Azrihaziq


The South East Asia Children’s Heart Fund provides life-saving corrective heart surgeries for underprivileged children suffering from congenital heart disease. The Fund steps in and provides surgeries for children whose families cannot afford the operation. Meet one of the children the Fund saved last year.


Nine-year-old Muhamad and his five siblings live in Kelantan, Malaysia. When he was very young he underwent heart surgery. In 2012, it became necessary for him to undergo a second surgery. His parents work in a factory near their house and they were unable to afford the second surgery. The Southeast Asia Children’s Heart Fund provided the funds for Muhamad to receive the surgery. Now, he is strong and healthy. He loves to run and play his favorite sport-soccer with his siblings.


On average, the Fund saves more than one child’s life every day of the year. In 2012, there were 440 other children like Muhamad who were saved through the Southeast Asia Children’s Heart Fund.


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