SAFI Graduates Thank Donors


The graduating class of 2012 from the School of Agriculture for Family Independence thank the generous donors from Nu Skin that have made their journey to independence possible. In a graduation address, gratitude was expressed on behalf of SAFI for the efforts of Napoleon Dzombe and the Nu Skin Force for Good Foundation for changing the lives of so many people in Malawi. The clip below also highlights the day-to-day happenings of SAFI as students learn more efficient farming skills and implement them to become independent.


SAFI Malawi enrolled 29 new families this past August. SAFI empowers students plagued with financial obstacles to not only eradicate poverty within their own family, but also in their community. Each family enrolled in SAFI has the responsibility to learn effective farming and fishing skills during their first year of schooling. In their second year, families return home to implement the SAFI agricultural skills in their own farms and to share their knowledge with other village members.


SAFI’s vision is to educate both parents and children, ensuring the ideals of self-sufficiency last for generations to come.


Meet five families seeking independence through education here:


How are you a force for good in your local community?