Planting Hope in Malawi


Planting fruit trees can connect people to the growing process of fruit but in countries like Malawi it is more about preventing devastating famines that adversely impact the country’s most vulnerable population – children. The Seeds of Hope project has provided the people of Malawi the ability to create sustainable food production while promoting reforestation that preserves and improves their environment.


Seeds of Hope is funded by a grant from the Nu Skin Force for Good Foundation, which is funded in part from the sale of Nu Skin’s Epoch® product line.


In 2014, more than 30,000 fruit trees were purchased from the School of Agriculture for Family Independence (SAFI) and from a private supplier. The types of trees purchased are mangos, guavas, paw paw and avocados. The trees are then distributed to households in various villages, agricultural education programs and community-based child care centers (CBCC). For example, each household receives four trees, one of each type. In 2014, 6,825 households in 125 communities received trees. Furthermore, 125 CBCCs were the recipients of 20 trees - five of each type. The Children’s Brighter Future also received 2,420 trees to plant in 11 villages.


These fruit-bearing trees assist families to cope with the hunger gap in Malawi, which is usually the period before harvesting. And in the long run it is expected that these trees will help improve the lives of vulnerable children by providing much-needed nourishment in addition to being a source of income for their families. ■


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