Nu Skin Improving Lives Worldwide

The Nu Skin family has been hard at work this quarter continuing our mission to be a force for good in the lives of others worldwide.


The Nu Skin family has been hard at work this quarter continuing our mission to be a force for good in the lives of others worldwide. The global regions provided aid and support for children by improving health, education and economic opportunity in their local communities. Here are a few highlights from this quarter!



Seven-year-old Karla lives with her parents in Cofradia, Estelí, Nicaragua. She suffered from malnutrition from being fed only one meal a day until she was offered VitaMeal at her school. Shortly thereafter, Karla’s family started to receive supplemental support of VitaMeal. Her family noticed that her charismatic, friendly and cheerful disposition improved. Her stamina and endurance also increased and now she spends that extra energy playing with her plastic tea set and dolls. Karla said she dreams of becoming a doctor someday so she can treat children in her community and help prevent them from becoming ill like she once was.



The Greater China Children’s Heart Fund (GCCHF) Honorary Director’s Annual Meeting took place in Beijing at the Great Hall of the People in April. The event has become a tradition for sales leaders to meet many of the children helped through the Heart Fund. Two hundred and fifty Force for Good directors saw firsthand the circumstances of the young children requiring surgery and the impact their donations have made.


A highlight of the meeting was a visit from 6-year-old Wenyan and her parents. With the help of GCCHF, Wenyan received lifesaving heart surgery and recovered well enough to express her thanks personally to the honorary directors in attendance at the meeting. To date, more than 3,300 children in Greater China are enjoying a happy, healthy and active life thanks to those who have contributed to the Fund.


Precious Anne Fiona Pasion of Manila had difficulty breathing, was pale and experienced difficulty gaining weight. Her parents, Friederick and Emmalyn Pasion, were devastated when Precious was diagnosed with Ventricular Septal Defect - a hole in the wall that separates the right and left ventricles of the heart. The couple had no idea how they were going to afford an operation to save their 7-year-old daughter’s life. Friederick was the sole provider of the family as a tricycle driver and only earned US$180 per month.


That’s when the Nu Skin Southeast Asia Children’s Heart Fund and the Child Health in Life and Development (CHILD) Foundation stepped in to help the family. The partnership covered all of the cost of Precious’ operation. As a result of the surgery, Precious can breathe and is no longer suffering from her life-threatening congenital defect. Her parents are grateful to Nu Skin and say they look forward to a brighter future with their daughter. ■


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