Helping Emma Dream Big

Emma is eight years old and dreams of being a nurse


Emma is eight years old and shares a small house with her parents, two siblings and grandmother in El Salvador. Recently, times have been tough. Her father has struggled to find permanent work and couldn’t always provide enough food, so Emma and her family would often go hungry.  


Recently, Emma was enrolled into the Children’s Feeding Initiative, a program provided by Convoy of Hope, one of Nourish the Children’s charity partners. Emma now receives VitaMeal during school, which has drastically changed her life. Not only does VitaMeal fill her stomach, but it alleviates some of the financial stress on her family.  


Emma has big dreams for the future. “I want to be a nurse so I can help other people,” she says. Because of the kindness of VitaMeal donors, Emma can dream of her future with hope that she can make it happen. Please continue to purchase and donate to help children like Emma.


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