A Reason to Celebrate

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Earlier this month, a group of Nu Skin leaders had the privilege to visit the School of Agriculture for Family Independence (SAFI) and experienced firsthand the efforts the Nu Skin Force for Good Foundation is putting forward to change people’s lives.

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During the trip, those attending visited local orphanages and the SAFI facilities and meeting the great families who were nearing graduation from the school.

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On Thursday, August 16, 2013, twenty nine families graduated from SAFI and now have the skills and education to be self-sufficient in providing for their families, and completely enhancing their lives.

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Completing their SAFI experience, husbands and wives were recognized on stage by school and local officials for their hard work. Songs and dances of celebration concluded the exciting event.

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SAFI is a two-year program for families in Malawi to learn more efficient farming, livestock and fishery skills all focused on providing proper nutrition to the family plus economic independence. Parents attend class together and their children are able to attend school. The second year of study is an extension program where instructors visit students and help to implement learned-skills on their own farms. Students can see as much as a 700 percent increase in their harvest of maize, soy and peanuts, which is enough to feed their family for a year, improve their living conditions, and send their children to school.


Once students return to their homes, they are encouraged to share their knowledge with others, providing prosperity to entire communities. Although the program and the recognitions at SAFI are directed towards the graduates, once they return home, their entire village benefits.