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SB484 Warning for Consumers in California

The California Safe Cosmetics Act of 2005 requires manufacturers or sellers of personal care products to list the use of ingredients “with potential links to cancer and birth defect” and their corresponding products on the California Department of Public Health website. The Act does not take into consideration the concentration of the ingredient nor the type of exposure, e.g. topically applied vs. inhalation, but simply the presence of a listed ingredient within the manufactured product.

The complete products list is available online at:

Nu Skin currently uses the following ingredients that are defined by the state of California as potential causes of cancer and/or birth defect.

Titanium Dioxide, a white powder, is the oxide of titanium. Titanium Dioxide is used in a wide range of personal care products including color cosmetics. Because it is derived from a mineral, titanium dioxide typically contains trace amounts of heavy metals.

Titanium Dioxide is also an FDA approved sunscreen agent that reflects and scatters UV radiation. This ingredient can reduce and/or prevent sunburns—an important factor in reducing the risk of skin cancer—and premature aging of skin. Titanium dioxide is also approved for use by the Cosmetic Directive of the European Union as a colorant and UV filter.

Retinol and retinyl palmitate are forms of vitamin A and are well-established ingredients in cosmetic products when applied topically. They have been deemed safe (not mutagenic or carcinogenic) by the Cosmetic Ingredient Review (CIR) Expert Panel. Topical products containing 0.1-1% of retinol or its ester retinyl palmitate were at most slightly irritating. Research has indicated that the topical application of these ingredients did not result in measurable increases of the amount of vitamin A in blood (Nohynek, 2006).

Benzophenone, estragole, methyleugenol, and formaldehyde are components of fragrances or parfums in personal care products. Fragrances, as a whole, comprise a very low concentration of formulas and these components are only a small fraction of the fragrance itself.

There is no data showing benzophenone is cancerous in humans. Similarly, dermal application did not elicit tumors in mice. However, in animal studies (that included oral administration) there was sufficient data for the IARC to qualify benzophenone as possibly carcinogenic to humans.

There is no data showing estragole is cancerous in humans. Carcinogenicity studies have been conducted on animals via oral administration and subcutaneous injection of estragole and structurally similar compounds. According to the data, estragole is considered as a possible carcinogenic.

There is no data showing methyleugenol is cancerous in humans. Oral administration studies and intraperitoneal injection of methyleugenol has been linked to tumors in rodents, thus the IARC has indicated that methyleugenol is possibly carcinogenic to humans.

The CIR Expert Panel evaluated the scientific data and concluded that formaldehyde in cosmetics and personal care products is considered safe for the majority of consumers as a preservative in cosmetics at concentration levels that do not exceed 0.074%.

Safety studies on these ingredients or subcomponents have shown that they are safe as presently used within cosmetics. The research relative to cancer and/or birth defects was from inhalation or other applications surpassing that of normal daily exposure to the ingredients from topical application of a cosmetic (such as in a sunscreen product.)

Gingko biloba extract is extensively used as an herbal supplement for anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits among others. At present, there is no known study illustrating topical applications of gingko biloba extract, including the extract from the leaves, is cancerous to humans. A carcinogenicity study was conducted on rodents who were force-fed large doses of gingko biloba leaf extract. However, this does not mirror the concentration nor the use of what is found in Nu Skin cosmetic products.

Caramel color is commonly used in many food, beverage and personal care applications. The heating of the sugar to create caramel color naturally creates furfuryl alcohol. As such, there is a presence within products with caramel color. Mouse studies where furfuryl alcohol is inhaled resulted in carcinogenic effects of various degrees. There is no research to show that caramel in cosmetic product such as a lotion that is topically applied would have a similar effect in humans.

The following Nu Skin products will appear on the SB484 list which may change from time to time:
1. 180 Face Wash
2. 180 Night Complex
3. ageLOC LumiSpa Cleanser Normal/Combo
4. ageLOC LumiSpa Cleanser Oily
5. ageLOC Me Day S2
6. ageLOC Me Day S3
7. ageLOC Me Day T2
8. ageLOC Me Day T3
9. ageLOC Radiant Day Broad Spectrum SPF22
10. ageLOC Tru Face Essence Ultra
11. AP-24 Anti-Plaque Fluoride Toothpaste
12. AP-24 Smile Pop Lip Gloss
13. AP-24 Whitening Fluoride Toothpaste
14. AP-24 Whitening Toothpaste Fluoride Free
15. Body Smoother
16. Celltrex Ultra Recovery Fluid
17. Clay Pack Deep Cleansing Masque
18. Clear Action Day Treatment
19. Clear Action Night Treatment
20. Creamy Hydrating Masque
21. Dividends Aftershave Balm
22. Dividends Shave Cream
23. Epoch Assure
24. Epoch Brisk
25. Epoch Peppermint
26. Epoch Polishing Bar
27. Epoch Sole Solution
28. Epoch Unwind
29. Exfoliant Scrub
30. Facial Scrub
31. Hand Lotion
32. Moisture Restore Day Protective Mattefying Lotion SPF 15 Combination to Oily Skin
33. Moisture Restore Intense Moisturizer
34. Nu Colour Advanced Liquid Finish Broad Spectrum SPF 15
35. Nu Colour Advanced Tinted Moisturizer Broad Spectrum SPF 15
36. Nu Colour Bronzing Pearls
37. Nu Colour Contouring Lip Gloss
38. Nu Colour Defining Effects Mascara - Black
39. Nu Colour Desired Effects Eye Shadow
40. Nu Colour LightShine Blush Duo – Blossom Pink
41. Nu Colour LightShine Blush Duo – Nude Tan
42. Nu Colour LightShine Blush Duo – Peach Cloud
43. Nu Colour LightShine 5 Color Eyeshadow Pallette – Mocha Brick
44. Nu Colour LightShine Eyebrow Shaping Kit – Grey & Brown
45. Nu Colour LightShine Lip Tint
46. Nu Colour LightShine Sheer Lipstick
47. Nu Colour MoistureShade Wet/Dry Pressed Powder
48. Nu Colour POWERlips fluid
49. Nu Colour Replenishing Lipstick SPF 15
50. Nu Colour Skin Beneficial Concealer
51. Nu Colour Subtle Effects Blush
52. pH Balance Mattefying Toner
53. Polishing Peel

54. Rejuvenating Cream
55. Rich Conditioner
56. Sunright Insta Glow Tinted Self-Tanning Gel
57. Sunright SPF 35

58. Sunright SPF 50
59. Tri-Phasic White Day Milk Lotion SPF 15
60. Tri-Phasic White Essence
61. Tri-Phasic White Night Cream
62. Tri-Phasic White Toner
63. Tru Face Priming Solution
64. Tru Face Skin Perfecting Gel

Please feel free to contact Product Support at 1-800-487-1000 if you have additional questions.