Maui Success Trip 2016

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Maui Success Trip 2016


Be recognized for your achievements, enjoy amazing destinations and activities, take time to relax, spend time with corporate leadership and learn from others who are enjoying the Nu Skin journey. We look forward to celebrating your achievements!


Qualify for the March 2016 Success Trip.


March 7-12, 2016

Hyatt Regency
Maui Resort and Spa

  • The beautiful and picturesque island of Maui
  • Stunning Views of the Mountains and the Ocean
  • Near surf town Lahaina
  • Drums of the Pacific Luau—Maui’s “most exciting Polynesian lu’au." 



Pin Title Progression Requirements and Qualification

Ruby - Blue Diamond Stars:


Advance to New Ruby through Blue Diamond April 2015 - September 2015 (May-October Paid as Titles)


See the table below for example:

April 2015 - September 2015
September October November December January
Qualification Period Last Month to Qualify Advance to new Pin Title Hold Title Hold Title Hold Title Attend Trip
  • Accounts must hold Paid as PIN Title for 4 months during the qualification period and be at new pin title the month prior to the trip. During the 4 months of qualification, the account must have the appropriate number of qualified G1 Executives based on the trip qualification title. Qualified G1 Executives are:

    G1 Executive with at least 2000 GSV, 500 PGSV


    A PEXEC/DEXEC with an active executive below them.

  • Nu Skin will look at your highest paid as title attained during the benchmark period of October 2010-September 2011. This information may be found in the online Navigator Tool or through your account manager.


Re-qualifying Blue Diamond and Team Elite Star Leaders

  • May qualify by holding 12 frontline executives during the qualification period and must have 6 unencumbered qualified Ruby-Blue Diamond Star accounts attending the trip.


Re-qualifying Team Elite Star Leaders

  • May qualify by holding Team Elite Title and having 1 G1 qualified Ruby-Blue Diamond Star account attending the trip. (must complete 2016 Team Elite Rome qualification by December 2015 to count towards the Maui Trip.)

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